Apple’s Production Outside China Can Open New Avenues For India

Apple’s Production Outside China Can Open New Avenues For India

Apple Inc. stated that Apple’s production outside China may boost soon, citing the strict anti-Covid policy of Beijing among other factors. This statement was made by the people involved in the discussion. 

Vietnam and India already house a small production of Apple’s production outside China and they are among the countries that are receiving a closer look from the business as an alternative to China, the people stated.

Apple's Production Outside China May Start Soon

Many wonders, are all Apple products made in China? Over 90 percent of the production of Apple products like iPhone, MacBooks, and iPads are manufactured in China by contractors who are from outside, as per analysts. The heavy dependence on Apple production in China is a potential risk for the authoritarian Communist government of Beijing and it clashes with the United States, analysts further stated. Now you may wonder why are apple products made in China? So far China is the biggest producer of Apple products across the globe. Apple entered China for several reasons. The primary reason was that China can produce nearly 500,000 iPhones in one day. Along with that, China has low labor costs and that raises the profits of the company.

Any shift by Apple, which is the largest US company by market cap, for emphasizing production beyond China could impact the thought process of other Western nations that have been thinking about how to decrease their dependency on China for manufacturing or their primary materials. 

Such considerations have arisen this year after Beijing stepped back from criticizing Russia for its invasion of Ukraine and carried out a lockdown in some parts of the country for fighting Covid-19. 

A spokesperson refused to make any comment on this matter. Questioned casually about the supply chain of Apple in April, CEO, Tim Cook said,

“Our supply chain is truly global, and so the products are made everywhere.”

He further said, 

“We continue to look at optimizing.”

Apple was looking forward to diversifying away from China before the pandemic spread across the globe in early 2020. But those plans were disturbed by the arrival of the pandemic. Presently, the Cupertino Calif., company is asserting again and asking contractors where they should be focusing on constructing new manufacturing capacity, the people associated with the discussion said. 

Apple's Production Outside China But Not In India

Vietnam already houses the production of the  Bluetooth headphones of Apple. Now, this company is determined to shift its production houses of iPad additionally to Vietnam. The question is, why not in India? India accounts for nearly 11.3% of Apple’s manufacturing base, while Southeast Asia accounts for nearly 1%. 

The common manufacturing wage in China has doubled between 2012 to 2020, as per the reports by the National Bureau of Statistics of China. Yet, that has not decreased the interest of high-end manufacturers to proceed to produce in China. As per knowledge supplier CEIC, labor productivity development within the span of the 2010-2019 decade has been effectively more than 7% sustained for 10  years, doubling a business in more than 10 years. So the development of wages has been neutralized by productive development in China. 

But that is hardly the whole story. It is not an easy FATP that is carried out in China. Along with that China also produces lots of items that are categorized as Apple merchandise. For a shift of FATP of India on large scale, it might be important to relocate some of that portion manufacture additionally to this country. If Apple is required to broaden its geographic locations for its productions, its distributors of Apple ought to be more than convinced to work in its footsteps. But this place in India turns into a trembling block. After the border clash between the two nations (China and India) in 2020, the federal government has created some serious trouble for the Chinese companies to spend money in India, on safety grounds across the nation. So, how can that be sorted out?

The effective answer is for the Indian companies to arrive that produce the elements to the requirements of Apple. This thought of Apple’s production outside China can be a good scope for India. This involves expertise that is not offered by Apple. The aspirants from India would have to supply the expertise from prepared entities or develop it on their own. This factor is not unattainable, prominently with help and assistance from Apple. However, this is going to take time.


In the meantime, Apple’s production outside China implies positioning of manufacturing hubs in Vietnam, Malaysia, Brazil, and the like. Hence, India would effectively let up on its stenosis on Chinese FDI, whereas selling native enhancements of the know-how to produce the elements in question. 

If India will receive this properly, it could actually lure not simply the production of Apple but a whole variety of value-added actions to India. Commentators can only interpret the problem, the purpose, nevertheless, is to cure it by way of motion, along with the federal government performing live performance with startups, enterprise funds, and all huge firms to broaden the geographical base of their production.

Frequently Asked Questions On Apple's Production Outside China

1. Is Apple moving its manufacturing out of China?

Apple Inc. stated that Apple’s production outside China may boost soon, citing the strict anti-Covid policy of Beijing among other factors. This statement was made by the people involved in the discussion.

2. Does Apple have factories overseas?

Along with the manpower China provides, most of the raw materials that are used to make the products of Apple are also manufactured overseas. A lot of them are within a short distance of the ultimate assembly plant.
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