Apple To Launch Search Engine: New Turn In Tech World

Apple To Launch Search Engine: New Turn In Tech World

Tipsters and leaksters online are hinting about Apple to launch search engine. To those who do not know, Apple is presently known to avail Google as its basic search engine for its Siri along with Safari browsing

However, even though the user base of Apple is growing exponentially, Apple is taking into account putting its feet in the search engine space, as per a series of tweets exposed by blogger Robert Scoble. He has also termed this year’s WWDC as the most expensive product release of all time.

Apple To Launch Search Engine: Reports

To those who do not know, to keep Google as a basic browser on Apple items, it has been associated in a partnership for years with Google, resulting in an anticipated $20 billion each year. This partnership also stops Cupertino giant from revealing a search engine of its own, dependent on the court documents filed as a portion of the latest class-action lawsuit. 

However, as per Scoble, the very own search engine of Apple could get portrayed presently and is anticipated to go live by January 2023. Not much data has been shed related to the speculation, so we strongly suggest you accept this with a grain of salt. However, even if Apple plans to release a search engine of its own, opportunities might not be as good. 

In this scenario where Apple to launch search engine, take for instance its endeavor of substitution Google Map. At the time of release, it was a  complete disaster, filled with inaccuracies and bugs. Even now, it is hardly usable, making people keener to employ Google Maps for the requirements of the navigation. 

Moreover, there already prevails a ton of fights in the search engine space, with Bing of Microsoft or even privacy-centric search engines such as DuckDuckGo among others, yet Google has been everyone’s priority.

Regardless, it will be fascinating to see the implementation of Apple, if it actually is operating on one. In our anticipation, this search engine could also get you next-level Spotlight such as search to iPadOS and iOS, while doubling down on browsing privacy and also the cookie management.

Apple To Launch Search Engine: Apple Users In The US And Globally

Source: Statista

As per reports, Apple to launch search engine soon. With that let us have a look at how many people use Apple products in the United States and also across the globe. Let us begin with the data of the US. Presently there are over 113 million iPhone users in the US. This accounts for nearly 47% of all smartphone users in the US. Comprehensively, nearly 300 million people in the US use smartphones, which implies that approximately 90% of the population of the country has the availability of smartphones. Since 2009, this company has sold over 1.5 billion iPhones, making this among the most utilized smartphones across the globe. 

Now coming to the global part. The iOS operating system of Apple has a share of 60% of the mobile OS market in the US, the nation with the largest market share both for the iOS operating system and the iPhone. Apple does not relish such a dominant market position in any other nation but still is among the top three smartphone vendors across the globe, selling over 200 million iPhones each year. Taken together the top three smartphone vendors Xiaomi, Samsung, and Apple accounted for nearly half of the annual smartphone shipments during the fourth quarter of 2020.

Main Source Of Income For Apple

The main source of revenue for Apple comes from the iPhone, consistently developing over 50% of the sales of the company across the globe. Apple does provide a multitude of other items across a variety of user electronics categories though, involving smartwatches, laptops, and tech-related services like its App Store, Apple Pay, and also cloud storage.


As per reports, Apple to launch search engine as it prepares for its annual WWDC event. This has been assured by a Tweet from Robert Scoble, which comes after a thread summarizing the surprises of Apple he anticipates this year. Apple so long used the search engine Google, but with this launch, it will also start to use its own map instead of the Google Map. There are many who are wondering when will Apple release its own search engine. The time is anticipated around 2023. Are you thrilled about a new search engine made by Apple?

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