10 Types Of Tourism Experiences That Are Surely A Bliss

10 Types Of Tourism Experiences That Are Surely A Bliss

Travelling is something most of us like as it is one of the ways to take a break from the everyday life that one has. Moreover, the changing lifestyles and advancement of technology have spurred the growth of tourism worldwide as travelling has become easier than ever. However, not many know that there are different types of tourism adventures that should be planned at least once in life. Some of them are too common while others are not much heard of. Therefore, this article brings to you the types of tourism you should definitely consider.

What Is Tourism?

Tourism is referred to as the act of drifting away from your regular lifestyle and travelling in order to seek rejuvenation of the soul and relaxation of the mind. For this, people often shift and travel to various locations around the world to take a break from their hectic routine life. In layman’s terms, tourism is the act of packing your bags up and moving to your favourite travel locations one has.

Tourism is something that has several benefits, which are unknown to us. It helps in boosting the economy of a place and also aids in the development of cultural and other infrastructure. The relationships between two or more countries can also be smoothened by tourism activities. In addition, it does provide relief to people who have been exhausted by living the same life every day.

Classification Of Tourism

Tourism has been divided into several types depending on the nature and purpose of travel. The classification of tourism denotes three main types which are domestic, international, and outbound. The other ones are listed below.

  • Business tourism
  • Wildlife tourism
  • Wellness tourism
  • Spiritual tourism
  • Space tourism
  • Rural tourism
  • Medical tourism
  • Film tourism
  • Educational tourism
  • Dark tourism
  • Cultural tourism
  • Culinary tourism
  • Cruise tourism
  • Beach tourism
  • Adventure tourism

The various types of tour operators that help with the above-mentioned tourism journeys are domestic tour operators, outbound tour operators, inbound tour operators, ground-tour operators, and receptive tour operators.

The Best Types Of Tourism Adventures For You

There are different types of tourism and we have discussed 10 of them below for guiding you on the ones that you can venture out into. This article is specifically dedicated to celebrating World Tourism Day (September 27) so consider visiting some of the locations that match the points mentioned below to honour this observance.

1. Domestic Tourism

Domestic tourism is the one that is most easily accessible for everyone out there. It involves travelling in the geographical peripheries of one’s own country. Therefore, it is not necessary to plan a vacation too far from the place of residence. Moreover, this type of tourism can be beneficial for boosting a country’s economy as this provides employment to local people who can work as guides or helping hands to the tourists visiting their native land.

2. International Tourism

Travelling internationally means going beyond the geographical limitations of the country and moving to foreign countries. It requires special documents like a visa and passport that domestic tourism doesn’t need. International tourism might be a personal choice or a professional one as many times corporate world companies have to collaborate with the pens that are overseas. Therefore, one can choose to enjoy that kind of travel as well so that work and mental peace goes hand in hand.

3. Business Tourism


As we mentioned in the last point itself, tourism doesn’t necessarily take place due to one’s personal wants but can also be professional. There are meetings and conferences in the corporate sector that sometimes do not take place where the attendees reside. So, these people have to travel long distances for business-related reasons. These can be both domestic and international in nature, depending on the official requirements. The general needs for business tourism include meetings, conferences, official get-togethers, paying a visit to exhibitions, and even seminars.

4. Outbound Tourism

People generally might confuse outbound tourism with that of the international one while that is actually not the case. This is because it is indeed one of the types of tourism that are international in nature but have a specification to it. Outbound tourism refers to the one wherein people travel outside their country and go on a holiday vacation. International tourism for any other reason except this cannot be considered as outbound travel. The types of tour operators vary according to the kind of tourism undertaken, for this one we have outbound tour operators.

5. Wildlife Tourism

The ones who love nature and wildlife should go for this kind of tourism where they can interact with the flora and fauna of a region. Wildlife sanctuaries also enable safaris that elevate the entire experience and should be onboarded at least once. This gives the closest insight into the wildlife heritage of one’s country. Wildlife reserves are one of the types of tourist attractions that almost no one can say ‘no’ to. Therefore, if you are from India, then consider visiting wildlife reserves like Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary, situated in the Chikkamagaluru district of Karnataka, which offers one of the best jeep safaris that too at nominal rates.

6. Adventure Tourism

Those who love adventure and are tired of their daily routine can opt for adventure tourism that will not only refresh their mind but will also provide immeasurable experiences. Adventure tourism refers to the type wherein one travels to a place that is not conventionally explored and has a lot of adventure elements. The common activities that can be performed during such tourism are trekking, mountain climbing, scuba diving, and rafting among others. In India, the Andaman and Nicobar Islands host such adventurous activities and are great spots for adventure lovers.

7. Spiritual Tourism

It refers to a type of tourism where one travels to a distinct place due to religious or spiritual beliefs. It often involves a group of people travelling to places that have the importance of pilgrimage (a holy journey) to attain peace of mind. During spiritual tourism, people often like to appreciate the cultural diversity of that place by purchasing local goodies as travel mementoes.

Some of the famous places in India that account for spiritual tourism are Vaishnodevi temple in Jammu, Vrindavan, and Golden temple in Amritsar. In the world, sites like Bodh Gaya and Mecca (for Hajj) are famous for pilgrimages. It is one of the types of tourism that is popular among older generations as they seek the almighty’s grace. However, even the young ones have been known to enjoy them.

8. Cultural Tourism

Cultural tourism refers to one that is related to travelling to a place due to its cultural heritage. It is one of the greatest ways to experience something new and learn about things that one might not know before. Visiting places having a wide cultural heritage can help in formulating a better mindset as we learn several things and form newer perceptions after meeting strangers. In addition, there can be possibilities that one adopts the good practices that are native to that place, which will aid them in the long run. Moreover, the several types of tourist attractions that involve culture are mesmerising.

9. Wellness Tourism

The well-being of a person is one of the main reasons why tourism is undertaken in the first place. However, one that is especially dedicated to this cause is known as wellness tourism. It helps one to be relieved of the mental stress that is caused due to their daily activities. Moreover, tourists recover from mental or physical health issues, if any, during this journey. One can choose to go on a pilgrimage, visit a place for natural treatment, or any location where interacting with nature is easiest (without any interruption). People can opt for special therapy centres where Ayurveda and Yoga are practised.

10. Medical Tourism

Though we don’t want you to have any sort of medical emergency ever, anything can happen in life and we want you to be ready for it. Medical Tourism refers to travelling to other places in order to get a cure for any underlying disease or illness. This is generally undertaken if there is a lack of treatment facilities in a country for any particular disease(s).

Moreover, there are campaigns that promote medical tourism that helps both the healthcare and tourism sector of a country. One who doesn’t have a medical disease that is diagnosed but just doesn’t feel right about things around them can consider this type of tourism to know what is wrong with them.

Wrapping It Up!

Tourism is one of the ways that can deter you from being bored of life just because of the daily hasty and hectic schedule. Travelling to new locations adds happiness to one’s life. Not only that, but such tours can also be used to learn about new things and explore stuff that was earlier not even known of. Therefore, if you are looking for some of the best adventures in your life then do look at the types of tourism mentioned above to find the one that suits you the best. On this World Tourism Day, if you undertake such a journey do let us know about your experience in the comment section below.

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