Visa Non-Obligatory For Indian Passport Holders To Travel 60 Countries

Visa Non-Obligatory For Indian Passport Holders To Travel 60 Countries

Here is good news for all travel enthusiasts of our nation who want to travel abroad and gain new experiences. Now, you can travel to 60 different countries just with an Indian passport as it is not mandatory to apply for a Visa. Therefore, the hassles of getting one would be eliminated and the travel would indeed become a ‘happy journey’.

The Indian passport currently ranks at 87 as it gained power after the restrictions on international travel were lifted that were earlier imposed to curb the spread of Covid-19 during the pandemic. The ban was lifted finally after two long years in March 2022 after the pandemic situations were in control. Therefore, now you have access to 60 countries without having to wait for a Visa.

Christian Kaelin, Henley & Partners Chairman, quoted by Bloomberg commented on the recovery of the International travel sector saying:

“The recovery and reclamation of our travel freedoms, and our innate instinct to move and migrate, will take time."

Visa-free travel enables one to reduce costs and eradicates discomfort to an extent. This is why every country wants to rank higher in the field to establish its political superiority and to cater to the needs of its citizens. Currently, the three countries with the most powerful passports are Japan, Singapore, and South Korea. The Henley Passport Index 2022 shows that a Japanese Passport holder can travel to 193 countries in the world without having to worry about Visa. compared to this figure, India is far behind and still has a long way to go.

The rest of the nations in the top 10 list of powerful passports include Germany, Finland, Spain, Italy, and Luxembourg. The United Kingdom secures the sixth rank enabling access to 187 countries, followed by the United States, which allows one to travel to 187 countries. However, an Indian passport doesn’t possess significant power compared to these developed nations but the upcoming years might have something different in store.

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