3 Spots You Should Never Miss In Uganda Wildlife Safari

3 Spots You Should Never Miss In Uganda Wildlife Safari

This is the perfect time to plan your next post covid tour and this time plan for some adventure. Uganda which is known as the “Pearl Of Africa” can be the perfect destination. The landlocked country that is situated in the Eastern part of Africa is rich in diverse wildlife and you will visit this place for an Uganda wildlife safari. 

Is Uganda Good For Safari?

Uganda, a country in the Eastern part of Africa is the dream destination for people who are in search of the best safaris in the world. Uganda outplayed all other destinations for a safari in these two areas, but, in addition, it is also a superb destination for traditional safari by car or by boat, thanks to its abundant habitats and variety of species.

Here is the top Uganda wildlife safari that you should not miss.

Top Uganda Wildlife Safari For 2021

Having a trip plan is always preferable and so this article is here. It will give you the idea of the top wild Uganda safari that you should encounter while you are in Uganda. So without any further delay, let us get started.

Western Circuit Culture & Wildlife Safari

This is the right opportunity to discover Uganda’s culture, community, and wildlife on this tour that can stay upto 15-day and will take you to the snow-capped Rwenzori to see rare birds and chimpanzees, and also to the Queen Elizabeth National Park where you can see elephants and hippos. 

This Uganda wildlife safari has a strong community viewpoint and you can also take part in various experiences and tours that support local communities including a Crater Lake tour by walking at Rweteera Safari Park to experience the beauty of Lake Nyabikere also known as the lake of frogs.

Luxury Game and Gorilla Trekking Safari

This is a 17-day safari and this epic tour will offer you glances of almost every category of wildlife Uganda has to offer, but the main glory is the “guided gorilla trekking tour” that takes place in “Bwindi Impenetrable Forest ”. There you can learn about the various feeding habits and behaviors of these endangered species in the midst of seeing them in their natural habitat.

Other highlighted experiences include a boat cruise on the Nile River to the famous 43m high Murchison falls and also a visit to the Echuya swamp that keeps the largely endangered Grauer’s swamp warbler.

Queen Elizabeth National Park Safari

This is a sweet 6 day tour. If you wish to see big cats in the wild, then this one is surely for you. Queen Elizabeth National Park is the most popular savannah park in Uganda and is one of Africa’s best places to watch tree-climbing lions. The park has a great diversity of habitats that includes forests, lakes, wetlands, and savannah grasslands that is home to the country’s greatest variety of big mammals.

Is Hunting Allowed In Uganda?

All sport hunters who enter Uganda for sport hunting in Uganda will have to get a hunting license and also an import permit of the rifle before their arrival. Uganda hunting prices are US$100.00 per hunter per day and US$ 40 per non-hunter per day.

What Can You Hunt In Uganda?

The main animals that are hunted in Uganda are mentioned below. 

  • oribi 
  • elephants 
  • waterbuck 
  • buffalo

Other hunting areas include Kaiso -Tonya Community Wildlife Area, Lake Mburo National Park, and Lipan Community Wildlife Areas (Kitgum).


Uganda Wildlife Safari takes you to several National Parks in Uganda and gives you the real experience of wildlife. Those who miss this safari, really miss the amazing visuals that will remain with them forever.

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