Singapore Travel Restrictions: Indians Can Now Easily Travel Here

Singapore Travel Restrictions: Indians Can Now Easily Travel Here

There have been changes in the Singapore travel restrictions recently, where Indians can now travel to this country without having to remain quarantined. Many were wondering, when will Singapore lift travel restrictions? And also can Indonesians enter Singapore now? Finally Singapore has opened up for completely vaccinated Indonesians and Indian travellers. The travel guideline is going to begin from 29 November 2021, and three more nations will be added in the next month. Singapore is planning to construct its status as a global aviation hub that is linked with the whole world. Here are some Singapore travel updates. 

It has something known as the VTL or Vaccinated Travel Lane Programme in place. Under this program, nations like Canada, Australia, Germany, and 10 other nations are included. Now Indonesia and India get added to this list. 

Singapore Travel Restrictions: Vaccinated Travel Lane Programme

Presently there are 13 nations under the VTL programme. Malaysia, Sweden, and Finland will join the list on November 29. The regular quota for the travelers arriving in Singapore under this programme will rise to 10,000 when the new countries like India and Indonesia are added to this list from 6000 as per the statement that was released. As of November 14 2021, over 24,000 vaccinated travelers have already entered Singapore under the latest Singapore travel restrictions.

With 85 per cent of its population completely vaccinated, the nation is trying to step on a path of reopening to recreate its status as a hub and keeping a stiff lid on infections that may overpower its health care system. 

Passenger traffic at Changi Airport, which was the second-busiest airport in Asia for international flights last year, was just 2 per cent of pre-Covid levels in the initial nine months of the year. Singapore Airlines Ltd. has been losing a lot of money due to this pandemic. You may also wonder, can Singaporeans travel to the USA now? Yes they can but by following the appropriate travel guidelines. 

More details on Singapore travel restrictions from India

  • Singapore is permitting more migrant workers who have been stuck to their dormitories for rejoining the community — from 3,000 immunized workers every week to 3,000 every day.
  • Singapore is navigating the recovery of business programmes along with sports and live performances with testing and vaccination. This starts with the Bloomberg New Economy Forum and the Milken Institute Asia Summit this week, followed by a two-day charity concert after this month.
  • Officials assert that they are working towards a phased recovery of international events, like the Formula One night racing incident that drew droves of global visitors. Singapore in talks with F1 organizer and administration on renewed contract. 
  • Management are looking to enact access checking systems and control at hawker centres to segregate between patrons who are completely vaccinated and those who are not vaccinated. Once the system comes in place, up to five people staying in the same place can dine at those places. Presently, this rule is only levied to restaurants.

Indian travellers as well as travellers from the other VTL nations will not have to go through stay-home notice on their arrival. Such travellers will have to offer a negative RT PCR test that is taken two days prior departure, and also undergo an RT PCR test upon their arrival. The Singapore travel restrictions for Indian students remain the same. These are the Singapore quarantine rules for international passengers that remained unchanged. Transport Minister of Singapore, S Iswaran,  announced that Singapore and India have been working towards joint recognition of vaccines for quite some time. He said,

"This means that fully vaccinated travellers from Singapore entering India will no longer need to undergo post-arrival tests home quarantine, they will just need to self monitor for 14 days upon arrival. Our discussions with India are progressing well. And we aim to resume two daily VTL flights each to Chennai, Delhi and Mumbai by November 29. The Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) will provide more details once finalised."


There have been new Singapore travel restrictions that have been levied on travellers travelling from Indonesia and India. Singapore has also started a VTL programme where there are already 13 nations including Canada and Germany and where India and Indonesia are going to enter. Travellers travelling to Singapore now will have to offer a negative RT PCR test that is taken two days prior departure, and also undergo an RT PCR test upon their arrival.

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