9 Most Beautiful & Pleasant Himalayan Destinations To Visit This Year

9 Most Beautiful & Pleasant Himalayan Destinations To Visit This Year

Whenever we think about vacations in India, the first thing that comes to our mind is the mesmerizing visuals of snow covered mountains, alpine meadows, dense forests, flowing rivulets, and gurgling waterfalls. The next question that arises in our mind immediately is where to find such heavenly beauties? Let us tell you, India is the land of heavenly beauties and that is none other than the Himalayan destinations. 

All the conventional hill stations presently have been engulfed by serenity and commercialization which we crave for is somewhere lost. But if we keep aside these visual tourist destinations and go a bit off track then you can surely find serenity, peace, spirituality, and the bounty of nature. 

Top 9 Himalayan Destinations In India

For many of us, the picture perfect landscapes in the Himalayas are our top priority for our vacations. And as the summer vacation season knocks on our door, it is time to know the most beautiful Himalayan destinations that are serene and peaceful which you should visit at least once. So without any further delays, let us begin this article.

1. Ladakh

Covering a broad part of the Great Indian Himalayas, Ladakh is vibrant in natural beauty. The place is dotted with great Buddhist Monasteries, which are old and prominent. Not only this, but this place is also a hub for adventure lovers and provides myriad chances to thrill seekers to enjoy activities like mountain biking, hiking, and trekking among others.

2. Lachung and Lachen, Sikkim

Located in North Sikkim, Lachung and Lachen are two extremely pretty Himalayan towns. The town provides some stunning landscapes of the snow-crowned Himalayan peaks, and also serene alpine lakes. Nature walks and also visiting the Buddhist monasteries are a must there, and Cholamu and Gurudongmar lakes would leave you delighted. And if you are searching for secret spiritual places in Himalayas, then this is the ideal place.

3. Borong, Sikkim

Situated in south Sikkim, Borong is a true Himalayan beauty. It is an ideal place to escape monotonous life while enjoying gigantic views of Mt. Kanchenjunga. Borong is an out of the world feel and the Borong Hot Water Spring and Ralong Monastery are some of the must-visits in this Himalayan destination. Here you get the best view of Himalayas from India.

4. Spiti

Spiti, the soil of Buddhist mysticism, still remains among the best untouched Himalayan destinations. The weather here is extreme, the terrain is rough and life is very difficult, but the quaint old monasteries here and the raw nature that you get to experience here are simply incredible. Komic, Demul, Kibber, and Dhankar are some of the scenic villages to visit in the Spiti valley. This comes among the top 5 tourist places in Himalayas.

5. Tirthan Valley

Tirthan Valley seems like a scene out of a Disney movie. A fairytale-like Himalayan destination, this mesmerizing village is a paradise for vacationers and nature lovers. Surrounded by mighty Himalayan mountains, the valley is home to beautiful apple orchards. There is one more thing that you should know about this destination. Tirthan Valley is also the entry point to the famous Great Himalayan National Park.

6. Kasol

Mini Israel, Kasol is another amazing Himachali village that is set in Parvati Valley. The place is a hub for Israeli backpackers and eateries that serve authentic Israeli food. The place stuns visitors with its amazing natural beauty and Himalayan views.

7. Malana

This is a small and scenic hamlet that is set along the Parvati Valley near Kullu – Manali. Malana was first discovered by some trekkers. The village is (in)famous for its marijuana and Malana cream, and villagers here like to have a peaceful and isolated life away from the influence of outsiders. This place is ideal for a secluded vacation in the lap of the Himalayas. This is one of the hidden places in Himalayas.

8. Nubra Valley

The snow-capped mountains that are set against the backdrop of wide-open skies, Nubra Valley, are among the most stunning Himalayan destinations to visit. But do you know what makes it so distinct from other Himalayan places? Sand dunes. Yes, it is the only mountain region in the nation where you will find sand dunes. Is not that enough to get you excited? While in Nubra Valley, do not forget to visit the Diskit Monastery, which is a prominent center of Buddhism.

9. Zanskar Valley

A perfect mixture of tranquility and untouched beauty, Zanskar Valley in Ladakh is the most remote and less populated valley in India. Also, a fun fact that you should know is, that it is connected to the rest of the nation by just a single motorable road. Adventure lovers, are you all reading? Filled with snow-clad peaks, the scenic beauty of this place is far beyond your imagination.

Wrapping Up

If you are someone whose heart skips a bit when you hear about the Himalayas and mountains, then this article must have fascinated you. For mountain lovers, no vacation can be completed without visiting the mountains, and what can be best when it is the Himalayas. The best time to visit Himalayas is from March to October. In the above article, we have discussed with you the 9 most beautiful Himalayan destinations that you should visit at least once to experience nature to its fullest.

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