Amritsar Sees Foreign Tourists Return After Two Years Of Covid-19

Amritsar Sees Foreign Tourists Return After Two Years Of Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic had hindered travel across the globe and so was with Amritsar, a city in Punjab, which is also home to the famous Golden Temple. Prior to the pandemic, one could witness foreign tourists in the city during winters. However, this time, after over two years of the global emergency, the city saw foreign tourists return, that too in summers. But these tourists were relatively small in number.

The Tourist Officer in Amritsar, Mandeep Kaur, quoted by the Hindustan Times, commented on the situation saying:

“Going by the start of these tourists arriving here, we expect their big footfall during the season, which starts from mid-September to February.”

This has been possible due to the various operational flights to and from the Sri Guru Ram Das Jee International Airport in Amritsar. The sight of the ‘foreign tourists return’ was primarily witnessed at the Golden Temple, Jallianwala Bagh, India-Pakistan Partition Museum, and Heritage Street along with other ecstatic locations in the city.

The Manager of Sri Guru Ram Das Niwas, Kultar Singh, remarked:

“The foreign tourists started arriving at the end of June. Average four-five tourists come to stay at the Sarai daily. A separate ward of the Sarai for the foreign tourists remained empty for two and half years.”

The oldest Sarai of the Golden Temple is the Sri Guru Ram Das Niwas and this is why several foreign tourists love to stay there and enjoy the heavenly atmosphere of the Sarai. Now let’s see what the situation at the India-Pakistan Partition Museum was like. The Manager of the museum mentioned that:

“This is for the first time that the foreign tourists are coming in the summer season. As normalcy has returned since the Covid-19 struck, they are visiting tourist destinations without being bothered about the weather.”

As foreign tourists return, we can rightly ascertain that Amritsar tourism is performing better. However, it is yet not determined whether the previous momentum will be acquired soon. This will largely depend on the number of international tourists in the country in winter.

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