Important Health Tips For Pregnant Women Who Are Working

Important Health Tips For Pregnant Women Who Are Working

Women are now getting in the workplace, from corporate to pilot, sports to healthcare. However, working women need to be extra cautious about their health scenario at the time of pregnancy. Serious care should be given to sleep, nutrition, and exercise to cope up with the discomforts because of pregnancy. In this article, we are going to have a look at several tips for pregnant women especially those who are working. 

Working up until the beginning of your labor is possible for a woman who is going through a healthy, normal pregnancy. However, they can opt to pause working whenever they think that to be convenient. Some women choose to pause their work life several weeks prior to their delivery, while others work till their due date. But while they do so, there are some things that all pregnant women should remember and so here is our special article for National Safe Motherhood Day. So let us begin with some important tips for pregnant women.

Importance Tips For Pregnant Women Who Are Working

Most women can continue to work during pregnancy. Being pregnant, however, may bring in several challenges to the workplace. To remain healthy which is the most important thing during this time and also be productive at your job at the same time you will need to understand how you can keep aside your discomforts and continue working during pregnancy. So let us discuss some of the tips for pregnant women who are working. These points also include pregnancy tips for first time moms. 

1. Eat Well

The first health tips for pregnant women is that they should regularly eat short and balanced meals to remain energized and avoid hyperacidity. It is suggested to avoid keeping long gaps or fasting between the meals as it may make them feel tired and inactive. It is also possible that their ability to concentrate on their work will deteriorate. Eat nutritious snacks, such as fruits, salads, curd, sliced raw vegetables,  jaggery, Rajgira, protein-rich foods such as dals, soy, milk, sprouts, and egg products, as these foods are perfect for a pregnant working woman. Dr. Manisha Munemane, Consultant- Gynecologist,  Jupiter Hospital, Pune on nutrition tips for pregnant women said,

“A pregnant woman should also consume at least four servings of calcium each day. Folic acid and Omega-3 supplements are also important to keep her mental health and physical health in check. They are also necessary for the proper development of her baby.”

2. Sleep Well

Heavy work pressure may lead to sleep disorder and during pregnancy, it might highly affect the health of both the unborn child and mother. With these healthy tips for pregnant women, who are working can take care of their pregnancy well. According to Dr. Archana Dhawan Bajaj, Gynecologist, Obstetrician, and IVF Expert, Nurture Clinic, Delhi,

“With proper sleep, an expecting mother can avoid long-term harmful consequences for her and the baby's health. During pregnancy, sleep disorders such as insomnia can lead to health problems that include gestational hypertension, preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, preterm birth, fetal growth disorders.”

Dr. Bajaj further adds that seven to nine hours of proper sleep is strongly suggested for all pregnant women, mainly those who are working closely for eight hours in offices and other workplaces. Along with that, research recommends that pregnant women should sleep on their left side. Sleeping on their backs might create a reduction in uterine blood flow, which can be dangerous.

3. Wear Comfortable Clothes

At the time of pregnancy, an office job and its ecosystem can make you feel uneasy. As an outcome, select the appropriate clothing to increase the frequent pregnancy discomforts. Select an attire that enables you to breathe freely and move around the office effortlessly. Avoid soft fabrics and high heels. Wearing unflattering clothing might put pressure on your fetus, decrease your work efficiency, and even make you feel uneasy.

4. Seating Arrangement At The Workplace

It is crucial to ensure that at the time of pregnancy, the seating arrangement of working women is comfortable. This can be attained by resting your back and neck on a tiny pillow. While you are working on a computer, keep your hands on the armrest and maintain a safe distance. Taking frequent small breaks, like getting up and moving about for a few minutes, will help you feel more energized. You can also recharge yourself by sitting for a few minutes with the lights turned out, your eyes closed, and your feet up.

5. Take Breaks And Exercise During Work

At the time of pregnancy, women should not work non-stop. Hence, take a break. Get some fresh air by going on a walk. Deep breathing will also help you a lot. These self care tips for pregnant women will raise your blood circulation and help you avoid acid reflux and heartburn. Sitting for a long span of time can result in stiffness in the arms and legs and backaches. Here are some exercise tips for pregnant women

  • Every hour, go for a 5-minute walk. 
  • While sitting at your desk, gently stretch your arms, stretch your legs, and shift your chair as required.
  • Take at least a break of 2-4 minutes to practice deep breathing.


Working during pregnancy is a common phenomenon now and now many women handle their job and pregnancy very efficiently. But still there remains a risk to your and your child’s health when you are pregnant. So we have stated some tips for pregnant women who are working so that it becomes easy for them to handle both at the same time. Always stay hydrated and never skip meals. Also with that try to exercise daily that will keep you fit and efficient to work.

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