The Children’s Rights One Should Know For Sure!

The Children’s Rights One Should Know For Sure!

Every human is entitled to live a life that is optimum for them. This applies to children as well. Not many people talk about the rights they have or should be entitled to. This is due to the fact that they are mostly taken for granted in our society. Also, even some parents in today’s world are ignorant of things that their child needs and is still deprived of. For this purpose, we decided to bring you this article where we have listed the children’s rights that you should know about in order to do the best for the young ones around you.

Children’s Rights Definition

The children’s rights definition in simple words refers to the facilities, things, and opportunities that a young one should get. It is a legal framework that has been formulated for this in various countries and even by the United Nations. Let’s check out the children’s rights definition according to the UN that is mentioned in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. They stated the idea that:

“Children are not just objects who belong to their parents and for whom decisions are made or adults in training. Rather, they are human beings and individuals with their own rights. The Convention says childhood is separate from adulthood and lasts until 18; it is a special, protected time, in which children must be allowed to grow, learn, play, develop and flourish with dignity. The Convention went on to become the most widely ratified human rights treaty in history and has helped transform children’s lives.”

10 Children's Rights That Are Essential For Every Young One!

Here is a children’s rights list that concerns things they need in life. It revolves around vital aspects of life that children should be entitled to. If any young one around is deprived of the children’s rights mentioned here, please make an effort to bring a change for the better.

[Note: Most of these points are a part of the list of children’s rights in India.]

1. No Discrimination


Discrimination among children is the worst thing ever. This point tops the 10 children’s rights list as it is one of the most essential needs that a young one should get. It is due to the fact that discrimination at home, school, or any other place would affect that mentally and might leave a scar on their memory for life, which is something we should not promote at any cost. Therefore, try to adopt an equal vision when around children and treat everyone equally so they feel free to express themselves.

2. Healthy Well-Being


One of the children’s rights that is important to be enabled is the healthy well-being of young ones. They are still not grown-ups so they need extra care and effort to maintain their health. For this, they should have access to good and nutritious food along with a hygienic environment. In addition, they should be kept away from things that might be detrimental to their mental health or cause any sort of trauma.  This point is extremely vital to be noted as healthy and smiling children are all we need.

3. Live With Family


A child needs to stay with their family. The family can be of any structure but they should stay with them. This is because everyone is vulnerable in their early years and only a trustworthy person(s) would be able to take care of them. This is where the requirement for family comes in. Also, parents are the best decision-makers when their child is concerned. But if for some reason they are not with them anymore, other family members should take up the responsibility.

4. To Be Educated


Education is one of the children’s rights that is promoted by everyone around the world for one simple reason: they are our future. If one is not educated then one might not know about certain crucial aspects of life that are significant to know about. Therefore, primary education should be free for every child and secondary education should be provided in a manner that is accessible to all. For this purpose, governments of various countries should formulate policies to subsidise children’s education.

5. A National Identity


A child should have a national identity as getting lost in the crowd is not something anyone would prefer. Children should have their names registered under the government’s books as and when they are born. They do have a right to access and receive these documents so that they can have a record of their own identity. Without these, they might not be entitled to gain some benefits that the children’s rights list mentions. The list of children’s rights in India notes this point while giving it the utmost importance.

6. Protection From Abuse


Young ones are generally not capable of identifying the wrong or taking a stand for themselves. However, this thing should not be taken advantage of. They need to be protected against all odds that could affect them either physically or mentally. Their lives should be devoid of inhumane activities like human trafficking, sexual harassment, hazardous work, psychological abuse, and so on. Here, the government plays an important role so they should formulate optimum laws for the protection of these tender souls.

7. Access To Learning Things


Along with conventional education, one of the children’s rights also notes that they should have access to learning new things through the information that is available both in physical and online forms. These could include books, television, and radio, which provide educational information. They should be given an optimum level of education so that they can process the information acquired from other sources. However, adults around these children should also ensure that they are not reading or watching things that are unethical or harmful in any way.

8. Free To Think


Children should be set free in terms of the thoughts they harness. Children’s rights in India do mention this point. Therefore, they should not be obliged to think in a way that anyone else wants them. This would give them an opportunity to think creatively, thus, empowering the development of their brain. This point in the children’s rights list is extremely vital since young ones are entitled to have their own perceptions and opinions. However, we do believe that they might also think something negative or unethical in the due course. This should be checked by their parents or other adults around them.

9. Engaging In Arts


A child should be able to access cultural activities that involve art of any sort. This way they might be able to learn new things and would get a break from their monotonous life. All of the 10 children’s rights that we have noted are extremely essential but some might think this point to be useless as people want their children to study well. However, enabling them to participate in cultural fests and letting them know about them would be something new that they might learn.  But they should be kept away from art that is disturbing or traumatising.

10. Right To Privacy


Like adults,  children also have the right to privacy. Their documents or personal information should not be brought to public attention without any rigid reason. Government should make laws in order to ensure that the information of young ones is not used inappropriately. Also, if they were ever abused, their names should not be printed in any records. Every child’s home, family, and reputation should also be protected for their well-being.

A Rightful Ending!

The children’s rights that have been discussed in this article should be available for every child out there. They need to live a life that’s in their best interest so that these young ones grow up to be responsible citizens of the country. Therefore, make sure that you share the children’s rights list that we have mentioned so that no young one goes through a difficult life. Also, if you witness that any child is being dealt with brutally then take a stand for them as soon as possible. One positive act of yours might change their entire life!

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