These Summer Hair Care Tips Will Give Great Results

These Summer Hair Care Tips Will Give Great Results

Just as the sun can damage your skin, it can also damage your hair as well. Chlorine and saltwater also take a toll on our hair. So it is essential to take good care of your hair, as your hair will be completely different in summer than in winter. In this article, we are going to have a look at a few summer hair care tips that will help you to make your summer hair better. 

We all want to have great hair looks, but the summer weather does not allow us to do so. But if we take proper care and ensure to maintain a regime for our hair, we can get the desired hair. And if you are wondering how to manage long hair in summer, then keep on reading this article. So let us begin with the summer hair care essentials.

Summer Hair Care Tips For Healthy & Manageable Tresses

Summertime is all about spending carefree days outdoors and enjoying the weather. But along with that a complete host of other elements also comes that can raise havoc in your hair. So in this article, we are going to have a look at some of the summer hair care tips that can save your hair from the summer heat. 

Along with summer heat, in summer our hair is more exposed to chemicals like chlorine, as we tend to do swimming. So it is very essential for us to know the ways in which we can keep our hair in a good condition.

1. Conditioning Is Key

Our hair tends to gets as thirsty in summers as we do. So we should treat it to a more moisture rich refreshment. Switching your conditioners and shampoos to moisturizing formulas and using hair serum or oil at the end will help you to restore parched locks. For additional treatments, conditioning masks and live-in conditioners will offer a deeper level of moisture.

2. Sunscreen For Your Hair

Yes, sunscreen for hair is an actual thing. Your skin is not the only one that absorbs harmful UV rays from the sun. So you are also required to protect your hair also. Shop for hair care items for summer that has the correct amount of sunscreen. There is a wide assortment of shampoos, sprays oils, conditioners, and summer hair masks to select from. Everything depends on what works best for you.

3. Avoid Excessive Heat

So if you are wondering how to protect hair in summer, then this point is ideal for you. There is enough of heat outside as it is summer, so you do not add more to that issue by applying external heat to your hair. This is the season to ditch all your hair appliances. And among them, your hair dryer is the first culprit. Leave that in that drawer and in place of that you can use a microfibre towel to blot all your hair. This will help you to avoid frizz and will absorb as much water as possible thus making your hair dry as soon as possible. And now it is time to keep your hair straightener and curler in the drawer as well and flaunt your natural hair.

4. Washless Option

This is another very important hair care tip for summer. As the days turn hotter and conditioning starts to turn sweeter, it is tempting to wash your hair regularly. However, by doing just that, you are stripping your hair and scalp of so much from the much needed natural oil. And nobody wants that. 

Increase the time between washings by dry shampoos. If you are thinking about how to take care of dry hair in summer, then here is the process. Applying the powder onto your scalp and massaging it in with your fingers will absorb grease and offer your hair body and texture at the same time. However, if you have oily hair that cannot go long without washing, alter to a mild shampoo instead. Suds up just your scalp and allow the soap to run through the rest of your hair. This will allow the drying out to a minimum.

5. Protect Your Color

You love your hair color. And your hair color also loves you. What neither of you will love is what the fading, damaging, effects the sun can do on your color. Cover your hair as much as possible when you are out in the sun. You have always wished to pair that funky hat or that pretty scarf with your summer outfits, and now you have the ideal excuse to do so.

Also, ensure you use hair care products that are mainly formulated with color-protecting items. They will protect your hair from the damaging effect of the sun and help keep it from fading. And when you avail those products, always wash with cool water. Hot water is drying and that can fade the color. The cool water not only saves, but it will also help make your hair shine.

7. Wear Loose Styles

The humidity in summer can be brutal, someone who suffers from frizzy hair know all these well. So you should fight the frizz with fun, loose hairstyles. It is the ideal time of year to experiment with loose, care-free styles. That is what summer is all about. You can experiment with high ponytails, messy buns, big braids, and the sky is the limit. Not only will that will help to keep the frizz at bay, but you will also feel cooler by keeping your hair off your neck. If you follow this summer hair care tips, then you are bound to get good results.

8. Do Not Skip A Trim

When your hair gets dried out, your hair ends will be more likely to split. And splits ends make your style look frizzy and ragged. Scheduling normal trims will help keep your hair more healthier and looking its best. This will also keep your hair less frizzed and prone to breakage. This summer hair care tips will make your hair from defined.


When the air in summer is so thick with humidity it feels like molasses, frizz is going to occur. Do not waste your summer aiming to fight frizz. Instead, find an easy go-to hairdo such as a slick pony, high bun, or side braid for the high-humidity days. Other than that there are many other hair care issues that may arise as summer comes in. So in the above article, we have discussed some of the most crucial summer hair care tips at home that you can apply to get better results for your hair in summer.

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