Stop Racism! How To Establish This In The Long Run?

Stop Racism! How To Establish This In The Long Run?

Today, everyone wants to stop racism but not all of them have made efforts in it. Racism still stands as one of the concerns in the world and this is indeed a matter that should come to notice. People from different backgrounds have often been bullied due to their place of origin or the way they look. Moreover, there are several unnoticed ways in which they have been harassed for years. Most prominently, blacks and browns have been judged on their colour. However, the fact remains the same for even the Mongolian race (of their similar facial features) and whites (due to their own actions of racism).

“Any distinction, exclusion, restriction or preference based on race, colour, descent, or national or ethnic origin which has the purpose or effect of nullifying or impairing the recognition, enjoyment or exercise, on an equal footing, of human rights and fundamental freedoms in the political, economic, social, cultural or any other field of public life.”

Moreover, in countries like India, people have also been discriminated against among socially backward classes like SCs, STs, and OBCs. Such people are not allowed to go to temples or even touch things considered to be ‘auspicious’. This is something ethically not acceptable and needs recognition to stop racism of any kind. Our article is, therefore, aimed at providing you with a solution to the same. We have gathered a bunch of ways that could aid to stop racism not only in India but worldwide. This initiative is taken from our side due to the fact that it is important to end racism and build peace.

Ways To Stop Racism And Attain Peace

Some ways or initiatives that can be taken to eradicate racism have been noted below. We urge you to not only read them but also share them with people you know so that this problem does not increase further. In addition, do try implementing these changes to your life as a small effort by you might make a lot of difference for someone who has been suffering from racial discrimination.

1. Don’t Make Assumptions


It is not at all okay to make assumptions based on the place a person is from or their race. Many races in today’s world have been generalised in terms of their behaviour and choices. This is where you need to draw an ending line. It is important that you interact with a person of a different race to know how they are and what they think. Making fun of the things that you think they do is one of the worst acts. This is why it is crucial that you have enough patience to not make the situation overwhelming for them. It is an essential step to be taken to end racism and build peace.

2. Take A Stand When Things Are Wrong (Racial Discrimination)


You need to speak up against the wrong. If you witness that racial discrimination is happening in your surroundings then do acquire enough courage to voice your opinion against it. You need to understand one thing that wrong would never stop if actions are not taken to eradicate them. It is also essential to have empathy for people of other races so that you can know how they feel about the same. This would aid you in taking the initiative to support them. Always say ‘no for racism’.

3. Read About Others In The Society


It is vital for one to know about the other castes and races in society to have a reality check of how they actually are. People often tend to react according to the way they have heard these people to be. This is why racism happens mostly. People have created the undefeated notion that some races are untouchables and hence behave in a weird manner. However, if they took time to learn about them and educate themselves on them, the situation would totally be different. Therefore, consider reading up on them.

4. Leave Behind The Comfort Zone


We generally like to live in our comfort zone and rarely get out of it. But to mix and know people who are not familiar to us, we need to leave behind our level of comfort and try engaging with them. This would help in building your behaviour as a person and you might even know things that are completely new. Also, if you are too shy or feel uncomfortable in approaching them then try finding a common topic of discussion to make things easier. But the most important thing is that you should interact with people from other races, which is another way to stop racism.

5. Give A Warm Welcome To Newer People Around You


Welcoming anyone is a warm gesture and this should be harnessed in case of newer additions to your place of stay or work. Especially, when the person is from a race that is generally discriminated against. Therefore, try being supportive of such newcomers in your surroundings. Also, the fact that everyone needs some kind of support in life is known to all. So, we should follow this as a regular practice as it might be a step forward to the motive of anti-racism. Do be gentle when talking to them and introduce them to stuff around you that they might be unaware of.

6. Have Love And Respect For All


We should love and respect everyone around us, be it the same race as us or the other. This is one of the basic human needs as positivity is kept foremost. In addition, you also should try to cultivate such empathetic feelings in others’ minds as well so that they do not do anything that is against other races. This is one of the most important ways to stop racism as it would promote positive feelings for one another. Further, this would deter you from harnessing negativity, which will be beneficial to you as well.

7. Promote Anti-Racism


It is essential to promote anti-racism since the act of racial discrimination is responsible for hurting the sentiments of many on this planet. You can make banners and promote them on social media and even on the roadside. If you do not have enough funds then try undertaking a fundraising campaign that would help you in doing such acts. Do educate people about the concept of anti-racism. Also, you can try making videos or written content and use SEO strategies to extend reach. Promote racism slogans as much as you can for this matter.

8. Be Friends With People Of Other Races


It is very essential to end racism and build peace and for this purpose, it is vital for you to be friends with people of oyster races. Parents can also play a significant role in this by not discriminating against who their children befriend. In addition, they can try introducing them to newer children who are from other races. This would be a building block of their nature in future. These children would not undertake any activities related to racism as they would be gelled up well with people of other races as they would always say no for racism.

9. Accept That Everyone Is Different And That’s Okay


Not only every race is different but every person is distinct from the other as well. This fact should be accepted by all and it helps a lot to stop racism. To end racism and build peace, we need to be aware of how everyone and every race would react to different things and try our best not to do or say things that might offend them. Also, one needs to chuck the societal standards that concern discriminating against people who are ‘not like them’. Moreover, repeat racism slogans in mind to deter any wrong act from your side at least.

10. Engage In Discussions To Stop Racism


It is very important to engage in discussions that concern racism and activities that are done to promote this cruel concept. You can try finding online meetings on this topic or even gather a gang of people who have different opinions on the same to know more about how they think racism to be. You can take the help of social media for this or use your existing contacts and then build the team as you go along. This would also aid you in identifying problems related to racism and might provide you and others an opportunity of promoting anti-racism. And yes, do talk about racism slogans.

An Impartial Finale!

When we are talking about how to stop racism, the ending indeed has to be an impartial one. You should always voice your opinion against racial discrimination and say ‘no for racism’ always. This is because it is vital to end racism and build peace. Therefore, we hope that now at least in your vicinity you would not let such things happen. You should try incorporating as many points from the ones mentioned above in your life so that you can make a better place for these people who have faced racism all their life. Further, try not to base any of your decisions or perception about a person just because of their origin, looks, etc.

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