Simple And Easy Skincare Routines For Men This Summer

Simple And Easy Skincare Routines For Men This Summer

Gone are those days, when skincare routines for men were restricted to herbal soaps and aftershaves. Given today’s urbanized lifestyle, red eyed deadlines, and polluted cities, taking care of one’s skin has become highly crucial. Implementing a simple skincare regime for men can be highly effective. So in this article, why not talk about the best men’s skincare routine 2022. 

Improving your skin’s quality can be easy and can create a big impact on your life. Now you may wonder why you would need these face washes, moisturizers, and serums on your face. Firstly, you will not want to look like a grandpa before you turn one. And secondly, because your skin is your largest organ similar to any other organ, we need to take care of it. When we talk about skincare routines for men, what do we actually mean? Also, note that the below mentioned steps are dermatologists recommended men’s skin care routine.

What Is A Skincare Routine For Men?

“Skin care routine” is an industry term that sounds much more complex than it really is, at least in the way we do it. A routine is really just a few steps. Like when you get in the showers, you probably do everything in the same order. You don’t think much about that, you just do it out of habit. That is what a routine is. But before we get into the skincare routines for men, it is important for you to know your skin type. We have spoken about this before as well. Understanding your skin type is very important as based on your skin type you will get your skin care products. Suppose men’s skincare routine oily skin will differ from that of a normal skin. The various skin types include:

  • Sensitive skin may burn or sting after product use
  • Normal skin is clear and is not sensitive
  • Dry skin is flaky, rough, or itchy
  • Oily skin is greasy and shiny
  • Combination skin is dry in some spots and oily in others

The men’s skin care routine in India may vary from that of the United States as the skin type may differ. So the steps remain the same, but you need to pick the right ingredients based on your skin type. A man in the US may not have to use the same composition as a man in India.

Steps To Ensure Effective Skincare Routines For Men

An effective skincare routine includes the four basic steps which are cleansing, tone, exfoliate, and moisturizing. For oily, blemished, or acne prone skin, one should use natural ingredients such as Neem, Ashwagandha, and Tea Tree that will help in purifying and soothing the skin. One should also use citrus based products that help to balance the pH and sebum levels. You can also exfoliate your skin if you wish to once or twice a week. With that let us have a look at the steps involved in the effective skincare routines for men.

1. Cleanse

The primary step to attaining glowing and healthy skincare for men is to employ a purifying cleanser that eliminates surface dead cells, impurities, and dust. Gel-based cleansers should be used over foaming cleansers as these have a thick and deep consistency, which is ideal for eliminating excess oil and acne creating bacteria from the surface of the skin.

2. Exfoliation (Weekly Or Bi-Weekly)

Playing a primary role in skincare, exfoliation helps one to get rid of their dead skin cells and makes their pores squeaky clean while decreasing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

  • Scrubs: Gel-based scrubs allow you to create a matte base for effective absorption of creams and serums that follows, by eliminating surface dead cells and also minimizing the looks of your pores. 
  • Ayurvedic Ubtans: Ubtans are another type of exfoliation which were utilized in the ancient tenets of Ayurveda when modern cosmetic items were not readily available. Conventionally prepared with hand-pounded items and a coarsely-ground legume as the base, they help to attain radiant and clear skin.

3. Tone

Our skin is obviously acidic in nature and needs a daily dose of hydration to boost the water and levels of pH, with the help of a toner. Pure and completely water-based face toners help to tighten the pores to help safeguard the skin from environmental damage. Try to use an alcohol free toner with a mild yet fresh smell.

4. Moisturizer

The last but not the least crucial step among the skincare routines for men is moisturizing. A natural moisturizer is essential as it balances the sebum production of the skin, gets absorbed fast, and does not create excessive sweating. Contrary to a lot of customs, each skin type requires a moisturizer to offer intensive hydration and nourishment.

5. Extra: Sunscreen

This is nothing new. Sunscreen is very essential, particularly when you are going out during the day. The UV rays from the sun can affect your skin to a great extent. It is always advisable to use sunscreen when going out in the sun, no matter if it is summer or winter.

Wrapping Up

This is the end of rambling and the beginning of a better skin. The skincare routines for men that we have stated above will hardly take your 5-7 mins of the day. So it is advisable to take care of your skin before it’s too late. These are the best skincare routines for men. And one more thing, it is high time we break the myths that men do not need skin care. Skincare and makeup are com[pletely different things. Skin care is needed by all, irrespective of your gender.

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