Delve Into Indian Cuisines With These Great Rajasthani Foods

Delve Into Indian Cuisines With These Great Rajasthani Foods

Rajasthani foods have been highly influenced by the dearth of water and vegetables in this arid state. The hunting experience of the warriors has given this state a rich culture and a great variation in foods. Their food is said to be completely different from the rest of the nation. So in that respect let us have a look at some of the best and most authentic Rajasthani foods that you should definitely try if you visit Rajasthan.

Best Rajasthani Foods

Rajasthan, which is known as the land of Maharajas, is popular for its rich culture. But what makes this state so different is its unique cuisine. Rajasthanis love their foods and so does the whole of India. If you have plans to visit Rajasthan and are wondering what to try in foods, here is the list of the best Rajasthani foods that you try at least once and remember for a lifetime. Without any further delay, let us begin with the Rajasthani food menu list.

1. Dal baati churma

This is the classic signature dish of this state. Baati is unleavened, hard bread that is cooked in the desert areas of this state. Baati is popular mainly for its lengthy shelf life, along with that it hardly needs any water to prepare it. It is always served with dal (lentil curry). The dal is prepared with lentils while churma is made by a coarsely ground wheat mixture that is crushed and cooked in jaggery or sugar and ghee. Among the list of 5 famous foods of Rajasthan, this tops the list.

2. Gatte ki sabzi

Most Rajasthani foods arrived at fruition as a result of the arid scenario. To prepare this dish you do not require any fresh vegetables and that is its specialty. This curry is made completely with gram flour dumplings soaked in a tangy gravy that is prepared of buttermilk, tomato, and spices. It is best served with rotis and rice.

3. Laal maans

In this mostly vegetarian state, the most popular non-vegetarian dish in this state is laal maans. Laal maans literally imply ‘red meat’ and the dish derived its name as it is red in color. Commonly, this dish used to be prepared with wild deer or boar. Presently, it consists of marinated spicy mutton curry that is cooked on a low heat in a burning sauce of garlic paste, red chilies, sliced onions, and also curds. This is among the must-try dishes among the Rajasthani foods for meat eaters.

4. Ker sangri

One of the most famous Rajasthani foods is Ker Sangri. Ker is a wild berry that is peppery and tangy while sangri is a form of long bean that is developed abundantly in the desert areas of Barmer and Jaisalmer. Sangri is a backbone during the drought when little else is accessible as it contains 53% protein.

5. Papad ki sabzi

The shortage of water and rain always made the people of Rajasthan think out of the box, and Papad ki sabzi was a lifesaver when they went out of vegetables. In this famous curry, roasted papads are broken roughly and then they are added to the yogurt gravy that is made with gram flour, turmeric, chili powder, and chopped coriander leaves. The final dish is a mouth watering curry that is usually served with steamed rice.

6. Bajra ki roti with lasun chutney

Bajra is the black millet flour and is enjoyed all over the state. In villages of Rajasthan, thickly rolled bajra rotis are prepared over cow dung cakes that give a smoked flavor to the rotis. Bajra rotis can usher virtually any vegetable on a menu of Rajasthan. Bajra roti is primarily served by lasun ki chutney which is a garlic dip prepared from garlic, lime juice, red chili powder, jaggery, and homemade butter.

7. Ghevar

This is a special sweet dessert from Jaipur that is basically a disc made from flour, that is soaked in milk, ghee, and topped with sliced almonds. This sweet food offers a crunchy texture and is prepared in a mold. There are variations of Ghevar that can be made from a plain, mawa, and malai ghevar.

The Bottom Line

Rajasthan is known for its maharaja culture and traditions. It is a very rich cultural state. But along with that, it is also rich in food. Travelers from across the globe visit this state and it has never upset anyone with its traditional food. You will get all the Rajasthan famous food recipes on the internet, but you will not get the vibe if you do not eat them from any authentic Rajasthani restaurant. In this article, we have discussed the top Rajasthani foods that you need to try at least once if you visit this state.

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