New Year Makeup Ideas To Create Like A Pro

New Year Makeup Ideas To Create Like A Pro

Are you fond of makeup but worried about not being a pro? Well, you do not need to be a pro to pull off certain looks. We understand that you want to look your best this New Year with some New Year party makeup ideas even though you might not be a pro at makeup. A couple of makeup ideas are trending this season. You can try any one of them or all of them not only this New Year, but all throughout the year. This article will stress these trending New Year Makeup Ideas.

10 Best New Year Makeup Ideas To Pull Off Like A Pro

Here are the top 10 makeup trends for this season for you to try and love. Let’s get going!

1. Abstract/Graphic Eyeliner


Abstract or graphic eyeliners are so much in trend these days. Ditch your regular winged eyeliner this New Year and go for statement eyes. With the basic abstract, cover your lid with a nude coloured or any coloured glitter or shimmer. Draw your regular winged eyeliner in black and extend it from the end of the wing above the crease. Keeping the base completely nude, you can also choose coloured liners to make the graphic art. Collect these New Year party makeup ideas for other events as well.

2. Celestial Eyes


Want to amp up your beauty game without much effort with the best New Year’s eve eyeshadow looks? Celestial eyes are for you. All you need to do is do your eye makeup as you usually do. After you are done, add a blend of shimmering holographic eyeshadow or glitter above the crease and below the eyeliner wing. You can either smoke your eyeliner or keep it regular.

3. Classic Red Lip With Glitter


A classic red lip is one of the time-saving New Year makeup ideas that you can easily do in a couple of seconds. All you have to do is find a red lip shade that really suits you. Find a matching lip liner to ensure that the colour lasts longer. After you are done, apply a slight dash of glitter or highlight in golden or champagne.

4. Colour Pop


Want to make a statement for the NYE? You will just need a couple of minutes to get going. All you have to do is apply a shimmery cream eyeshadow on the eyelid. Add a pop of colour of your choice on the lower waterline. Besides, add a nice volume to your lashes. You can check out some amazing beauty tips and secrets at

5. Electric Eyeliner


Neon and bright eyeliners are very much in trend right now. It is one of the best New Year’s eve eyeshadow looks you can achieve. Keeping your makeup very natural, you can flaunt your electric eyes. Use a coloured gel liner, liquid and coloured eyeliner, or coloured gel kajals to create this look. Add a volumizing mascara.

6. Glistening Chrome Lids


Chrome lids can very easily amp up your nude makeup look and be a part of the best New Year party makeup ideas. All you have to do is apply a metallic eyeshadow that has a foil-like finish. Blend the eyeshadow well. Add nude lipstick with a lip liner to turn heads towards you.

7. Glitters & Shimmers


When everything around you is glittering, why not apply some glitters and shimmers to your look? On a nude base, add some glitters or shimmers with a flat eyeshadow brush. You may also smoke out the outer corner of the eye with a black shadow or choose the cut-crease version to create more dramatic eyes. Add false eyelashes or use a volumizing mascara. Pair the New Year’s eve eyeshadow looks with a nice, bold, and dramatic lip.

8. Jewel Tones


If you want to create an out-of-the-box makeup look this New Year, consider jewel tones. It refers to applying eyeshadow in the colour of stones like sapphire, emerald, ruby, amethyst, or gold. For creating this look, you need to pick up the colour of a stone that matches your outfit perfectly. Blend the eyeshadow with a nice and fluffy blending brush on the eyelids and the lower lashes. You can make the lower lash line seem a little smokier. Add a light-coloured eyeshadow, preferably from the same colour category, and apply it to the inner corners with a pencil brush.

9. Rosy Flush


Go monochromatic this winter season. Incorporate the same colour on the eyes, cheeks, and lips. You can also use a single product to do that. In this, you might want to go a little heavy on the blush. To amp up the look a bit, you can go ahead and add a pop of colour in the inner corners from the same colour family or make a dramatic graphic liner with the same colour. A little bit of mascara and brows on the place and you are done!

10. Watercolour Lips


Watercolour lips, meaning lips with a lip stain are very much in the trend these days, be it in the festive season or otherwise. The beauty and makeup industry is now going by the minimalistic look mostly. You can either apply a lip stain directly. But if you do not have a lip stain, do not worry. Take a bold lip shade and apply it to the center of the lips. Now, take a fluffy brush or with your finger, blend the lipstick outward to create a more washed-out colour effect. If you have dark lips, conceal them with a concealer and then follow the steps.

These were all the latest trends and New Year Makeup Ideas. Pick any one of them or choose all of them to use on different occasions. Would you try them? Let us know your thoughts on this. You can also share your makeup looks in the comments below. We would love to see it.

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