5 Most Important Everyday Running Cons You Should Know

5 Most Important Everyday Running Cons You Should Know

Running at any pace can give you major health benefits for your body. There are numerous benefits of running everyday. Running facilitates good blood circulation, good oxygen intake, and also increases lung functions. There are also some everyday running cons. So without any further delay let us see the disadvantages of running on road or the disadvantages of running in the morning.

5 Everyday Running Cons

We have always heard about the benefits of running. But very little time have we heard about the negative side of running. To us, every form of exercise is good and has no negative side. But that is not the scenario. But running is among those sports that also receive some bad impacts for being very heavy on the body that starts from knee injuries to pulled tendons, and many more. So without further delay let us see the 5 most important everyday running cons.

1. Runner’s Knee

Runner’s knee is also known as Patellofemoral pain syndrome. It tends to influence runners who try to do too much, too soon. According to a report by Bert Mandelbaum, MD, orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist at Cedars-Sinai Kerlan-Jobe Institute in Los Angeles,

“One of the risks with running is that you increase the chances of getting some type of stress-related injury, because you’re putting additional stress on your bones, tendons, and cartilage, and that includes the knees.”

This causes pain behind or around the kneecap. If that is severe you may feel the pain all the time, but if it is not severe then you might feel the pain after a long time of bending your knees or just sitting down. 

To cure that you will have to put a pause to running till the pain goes away. Then start with slow walking and slowly increase the distance.

2. Your Toenails Turn Black

You may wonder why your toenails turn black when you are in a prolonged running process? Here is the answer – too small or improperly fitted footwear is mainly the reason says Mandelbaum,

“When your toenails hit multiple impact points inside the shoe, it can create different points of force — which causes stress on that area.”

The main damage is caused by the constant rubbing of stride for a long time. So to avoid such a crisis all you have to do is wear the right size of the shoe and not fasten your exercise.

3. Chafing

Nothing takes the fun out of a long run quite like that of chafing. It is the irritation in the skin that causes skin rubbing on the skin (or something else) repeatedly. It’s typically an issue that gets worse when you engage yourself in running for long distances or long periods of time. The more rubbing, the more irritation. But moisture, heat, and certain fabrics can all make the issues worse, too.

The way to avoid chafing is to apply petroleum or protect that place with bandages.

4. Overactive Bladder

Do you feel the need to “go” only a short distance into your run even though you used the loo just beforehand? This can happen due to a couple of reasons that include increased blood flow from the cardiovascular workout which can speed up your feel to urinate. 

Also, the urge to urinate may not be what it seems. If you are not hydrated enough, your body may carry onto this concentrated reserve of urine, which creates a sensation that is similar to the one you get when you have to urinate.

The only way to avoid these everyday running cons is to stay hydrated after and before the workout and keep your body cool.

5. Tummy Trouble

Another bad side effect of dehydration is having gastrointestinal issues, says Mack. Dehydration can change the way the stomach and digestive system operate in a way that will cause irritation in your bowels once you start moving a lot on a run. Paying attention to hydrating the day before, as well as during, a long run may help. This is one of the disadvantages of jogging women as dehydration can bring several other complications in women precisely. 

Even if you are hydrated well, you may still have tummy trouble, and it’s common for runners. As you run, there’s a lot of repetitive bouncing off your body and the internal organs, there may be decreased blood flow to the intestines, and typical secretion of hormones by the intestines may get hindered, which may all lead to GI issues. 

Avoid eating any food that is new to you before or during your run. According to Mack,

“Not every energy gel, protein bar, or sports drink agrees with every runner’s stomach, and it’s best to find what works before you run.”


Now if you are wondering “Should I run everyday to lose weight?” then we would suggest, yes you should. But maintain a decorum. Do not try to hurry up with things. Exercise is a natural process that is acted upon by your body. So give it its time. If you expect to attain your weight loss in 15 days that will need a minimum of 45 days then you will end up harming yourself. And by now you have understood all the everyday exercise cons that will affect your body badly.

Frequently Asked Questions On Everyday Running Cons

What are the negatives of running everyday?

Running every day can increase your risk of an injury. These injuries result from taking on too fast, too much physical activity, and not allowing anybody to adjust. Or they can happen from technical errors, such as running with a bad form and overloading certain muscles.

Are there any disadvantages of running?

The everyday running cons include both feet being off the ground during part of each stride, which imply more impact roughly 8-10 times body weight with each footstrike.

Is running a lot worse for you?

If you wonder, is running 5k bad? Then here is your answer. Excessive running may thicken the tissues of your heart, which causes fibrosis or scarring, and this may result in atrial fibrillation or irregular heartbeat.
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