7 Biggest Hair Care Myths Debunked: Do Not Miss Out

7 Biggest Hair Care Myths Debunked: Do Not Miss Out

We have all heard about and thought to be true hair care solutions that will make our hair smoother, longer, and stronger. But then did we know that not all hair facts and myths are true. So in this article, we will discuss all the hair care myths debunked. So without any delay let us begin.

Top 7 Hair Care Myths Debunked

Often people warn us regarding the lack of care and attention that we give to our hair. Sometimes the suggestion that we receive is correct but at times the suggestions can hamper our hair care as well. So here are some hair care myths debunked that you should know before you start to take the wrong care of your hair.

1. Cutting your hair more often helps it to grow faster

This is a prevalent myth about hair loss that we all encounter. Everybody including the lady at the parlor gives this suggestion. This is probably the biggest hair care myth debunked. The growth of hair depends on follicles that are found in the scalp, hence cutting the edges of your hair has no relation with hair loss. Hair follicles are also connected to genetics and while there have been many types of research and studies to develop products that will improve the count of follicles, cutting hair can not be the reason for your hair growth.

2. Brushing your hair 100 times a day

Even though the theory associated with this is true, still how many of us have time for this? Brushing your hair on a regular basis distributes natural oil to your scalp. But 100 strokes are unnecessary. In fact, if you brush your hair too often with a poorly shaped haired hairbrush, it can cause breakage and can also damage your cuticles. Brush your hair and smooth out the tangles and knots. But don’t do that too often.

3. For ultimate shine, wash your hair with cold water

While in skincare, a rinse or splash with cold water is said to help in closing your pores, the same concept is not ideal for hair care. There is no scientific proof that washing your hair with cold water gives it more shine. However, experts do recommend aiming the showerhead more towards the mid of your hair than on the scalp, especially when you are conditioning as that helps the scalp to hold the product for a long time.

4. Wash your hair regularly with more products

This is the biggest hair washing myth. A full shampoo and conditioning should be done only 2-3 times every week depending on your hair type course. This is enough to clean and nourish your hair and scalp. And ensure that you rinse your hair thoroughly and also massage the scalp well during washing. So avoid this myth about shampoo.

5. Avoid conditioning if your scalp is oily

This is a false hair myth debunked. Oil scalp is the result of excessive sebum in your scalp. Not conditioning your hair no matter what state your hair is in will be doing a disservice to your natural crown. All you have to do is find the conditioner that treats your scalp and hair correctly. That’s all you will require for your better hair. So avoid this myth about hair loss.

6. Plucking grey hair for regrowth of new hair

It may seem that when you pluck a grey hair, a dozen or more come up in its place. But according to experts, that is not the case. Plucking grey hair can damage hair follicles so it cannot multiply hairs. Grey hair occurs when the follicle’s pigment dies which is in most cases a genetic occurrence.

7. Split ends can be repaired

Despite the advertisements of some hair care products, split ends can never be repaired. A damaged or split end occurs when the protective outer layer of your hair gets damaged, so there is no way to close or repeat it. While many women believe that a serum or conditioner is the answer to keep up the length, the only way to get rid of split ends is to chop them.


Hair care is very important to us as it is only our natural crown. But we need to be informed about the right ways in which we can take care of our hair. Here are some biggest hair care myths debunked that we need to be cautious about.

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