7 Most Popular Gujarati Delicacies You Should Try Now

7 Most Popular Gujarati Delicacies You Should Try Now

Gujarat is a coastal state in western India. People in this state tend to sweat a lot and often get dehydrated. So, you will find a profound range of jaggery, sugar, tomatoes, and lemons included in the Gujarati cuisine. This cuisine is filled with healthy foods that are equally. So in this article, we are going to have a look at some of the most famous Gujarati delicacies that you should fill your mouth with. 

In multiple Gujarati food items, you would find a bottle gourd for bearing the heat. Moreover, this state has 4 different parts: Kathiawar, North Gujarat, Saurashtra, and Kachh. The influence of every part in their foods is quite visible. Rather each part has its own distinct recipes about which we are going to discuss now. So without any further delay let us begin with the list of popular Gujarati delicacies.

7 Most Popular Gujarati Delicacies Of All Time

The Gujarati cuisine is among the oldest culinary treasures of this country and is mainly vegetarian. It provides a wide variety of vegetarian items, each with its unique style of cooking, varied types of pickles, and many more. 

In big business houses, a traditional meal sits on a big silver platter that consists of a gigantic affair filled with rotis, sabzi, dal or kadhi, shaak, and rice accompanied by homemade pickles. So without any further delay, let us have a look at some of the most popular Gujarati delicacies that are worth trying.

1. Dhokla

There is doubt about the fact that this is the most famous Gujarati delight. Well, you might have tasted the delicious and soft Dhokla multiple times in several parts of the world. But, you will be really in for a surprise when you order this Gujarat famous food in the home-ground. There are ample varieties of Dhokla with a variation of ingredients. You should surely taste the authentic Dhokla in an authentic Gujarati restaurant.

2. Khamman

You absolutely cannot miss the closest cousin of Dhokla. You will be surprised when you order Khamman in any authentic Gujarati restaurant. Khamman is a healthy Gujarati famous snack that you should try before leaving any Gujarati restaurant. 

3. Khandvi

This toothsome snack is too light on the stomach also. In this recipe, gram flour is cooked in buttermilk and is then rolled into shape. Then, the pieces are sautéed in curry leaves and spices. It is not just tasty but is equally healthy as well. You can snack on the tasty delight during the day.

4. Bardoli ki Khichdi

Indians immensely love khichdi. The pulses and rice recipe is found in each part of the nation. The Gujarati version is made with raw mango and some selected spices. One absolutely cannot miss your plate of this delicious Gujarati khichdi if you are into Gujarati cuisine.

5. Thepla

Another popular and favorite food among the Gujarati delicacies is the Thepla. Whole gram flour and wheat flour is mixed with a selection of spices and herbs and made into a flatbread. It is sumptuous, very delicious, and healthy. The fenugreek version is the most usual one and deserves a special mention. You absolutely cannot miss munching on Theplas for your meal or snacks.

6. Undhiyu

The Gujarati food menu list also includes this unique dish as well. This Gujarati recipe originated in Surat. The kite festival, Uttarayan, is popular in Gujarat. Undhiyu is specially made to celebrate Uttarayan. All the winter seasonal vegetables such as purple yam and eggplant are used to cook the tasty and spicy curry. Muthiya is also added to the curry to offer a crunchy taste to the dish. Chickpea flour is combined with herbs, spices, and bottle gourd to make the Muthiyas. You will actually experience a burst of flavors with every spoonful of the curry. This Gujarati food is quite a delight during the cold winter season. The name Undhiyu is obtained from the word “Undhu” which implies inverted. The curry is traditionally made in an inverted earthen pot.

7. Fafda Jalebi

When in Gujarat, you should never miss out on Fafda Jalebi.  From roadside stalls to highway Dhabas, you would find this dish almost everywhere. Fafda is basically salty fried gram flour sticks while Jalebi is sweet pretzels that are dipped in sugar syrup. The taste enhances each other. You can definitely taste them individually. But, together they complement each other and the rare blend of tastes will surely make your senses fulfilling as you relax.

Wrapping Up

Hope the Gujarati delicacies have enticed you to plan a vacation in Gujarat. This coastal region of India is also good for traveling along with its cuisine. You can visit places like Ahmedabad, Surat, Vadodara, and many more. But prefer visiting this state in the winter as they experience burning heat in their summers. 

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