Delhi Covid Reduction Cases Made Lockdown Successful In National Capital

Delhi Covid Reduction Cases Made Lockdown Successful In National Capital

On Tuesday, Arvind Kejriwal, Chief Minister of Delhi said that the ongoing lockdown in the national capital turned out to be effective. Here is  a report on  Delhi covid reduction cases.

Detailed Report On Delhi Covid Reduction Cases

While addressing the media, Arvind Kejriwal said –

“Corona cases are going down in Delhi, so is the second wave. With your cooperation lockdown was successful.”

Along with that, he affirmed that there is no more shortage of ICU and oxygen beds at present in Delhi. This was possible after the number of beds was increased by the government. They have added 500 new beds in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) near Guru Tegh Bahadur (GTB) hospital which is a dedicated covid hospital situated in Delhi. Along with that more than 500 beds have been scheduled to show up at Lok Nayak Jai Prakash Narayan Hospital (LNJP). 

“We've increased the number of Oxygen beds in the past few days. Yesterday we started 500 new ICU beds near GTB Hospital,” said the chief minister, adding, “Now there's no shortage of ICU and Oxygen beds in Delhi.”

Aam Aadmi Party chief, Arvind Kejriwal told the media on Tuesday that he was sure that there will be more Delhi covid reduction cases as the peak of the second wave of coronavirus passes away. Arvind Kejriwal said.

"I hope the peak (of the second wave of Covid-19) has passed. I hope the cases go down in the coming days but being in the government and as the chief minister of Delhi, I would not want to give any concessions."

The lockdown in Delhi is scheduled to continue till 17 May strictly prohibiting metro railways and any social gatherings at any public venues. 

Kejriwal’s statement on Delhi covid reduction cases was repeated by the Delhi health minister Satyendra Jain. Along with that Satyendra Jain added that the government won’t be easy until and unless the positivity rate of the covid-19 goes below 5%. This is because the benchmark set by the World Health Organization is below 5% to consider any situation to be under control. The positivity rate of Delhi was 36.2% as of April 22. After 8 days the rate declined to 30% before it started to witness such rapid decline.

“In the last few days, the positivity rate has declined from 36% to 19.1% with the caseload also going down from 28,000 per day to about 12,500. Till we reach a positivity rate below 5% and caseload below 3000-4000 cases, we can't be at ease.”

He further added – 

“Every day about 80,000 tests are being done. Due to lockdown, people aren’t coming out, while earlier people were going out with everybody being tested.”

Arvind Kejriwal On Vaccination Drive

Further discussing the vaccination facilities of that region, Arvind Kejriwal said –

“Right now, we are administering 1.25 lakh doses every day. We will soon begin vaccinating over 3 lakh people every day. We aim to vaccinate all residents of Delhi within the next 3 months. But we are facing a vaccine shortage and are left with stock that will last only a few days.”

He also stated that there are presently two manufacturers for vaccine production in this country. So Delhi Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal shared the formula for the anti-Covid-19 vaccine of those two manufacturers with other companies that will escalate the vaccine production in our country. Arvind Kejriwal further added.

“Only 2 companies are producing vaccines and they produce only 6-7 crore vaccines a month. This way, it will take over 2 years to vaccinate everyone. Many waves would have come by then. It is important to increase vaccine production on a war footing and frame a national plan to vaccinate all.”

“Not just 2, several companies should be deployed to produce vaccines. The Centre should collect the formula to produce vaccines from these 2 companies and give it to all those companies that can produce vaccines safely. The Centre has the power to do this in these difficult times.”

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