Cerebral Palsy Treatment: Indian Government Schemes To Aid Patients

Cerebral Palsy Treatment: Indian Government Schemes To Aid Patients

Cerebral Palsy refers to a group of disorders that are responsible for affecting the victims in a way that restricts their movement. They are even unable to maintain balance and a good body posture. The literal meaning of the disorder can be deciphered from its name itself as cerebral means there is something to do with the brain while palsy refers to weakness or issues in operating muscles. For better understanding let’s first check what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has to say about it. Thereafter, we will talk about the government aid and schemes available in India that aid Cerebral Palsy treatment in some or the other way.

CDC Definition For Cerebral Palsy

The definition by the CDC for this set of disorders is noted below.

“Cerebral palsy (CP) is a group of disorders that affect a person’s ability to move and maintain balance and posture. CP is the most common motor disability in childhood. Cerebral means having to do with the brain. Palsy means weakness or problems with using the muscles. CP is caused by abnormal brain development or damage to the developing brain that affects a person’s ability to control his or her muscles.”

“All people with CP have problems with movement and posture. Many also have related conditions such as intellectual disability; seizures; problems with vision, hearing, or speech; changes in the spine (such as scoliosis); or joint problems (such as contractures).”

For further information let’s have a look at the symptoms that should be observed in a person who is suffering from CP. The potential symptoms identified by CDC have been summarised here.

“The symptoms of CP vary from person to person. A person with severe CP might need to use special equipment to be able to walk, or might not be able to walk at all and might need lifelong care. A person with mild CP, on the other hand, might walk a little awkwardly, but might not need any special help. CP does not get worse over time, though the exact symptoms can change over a person’s lifetime.”

Indian Government Schemes That Assist Cerebral Palsy Treatment

We will be discussing 4 schemes by the Government of India that have been designed for the welfare of persons with Cerebral Palsy and other disabilities like Autism, Mental Retardation and Multiple Disabilities.

1. Vikaas: Day Care


The Vikaas scheme by The National Trust provides day care facilities for People with Disabilities (PwDs). Though it directly does not aid in cerebral palsy treatment procedures it does provide facilities that are beneficial in some or the other way. It offers caregiving support to the patients. The batch size for everyday care facility is 30 PwDs and there are Registered Organisations (RO) under The National Trust of India that look after these provisions. The scheme is applicable all over the country thus aiding cerebral palsy treatment in India.

The ROs are obligated to maintain a ratio of 1:1 between the Low Income Group (LIG) class that includes BPL and above LIG patients. This day care scheme is mainly focused on improving vocational and interpersonal skills among patients. This would prove to be an aid to cerebral palsy treatment in India as it boosts confidence in victims and keeps them engaged for a while.

2. Prerna: Marketing Assistance

Prerna is a marketing assistance scheme that aims to create channels that have a high reach and are viable enough for the promotion and sale of products and/or services by PwDs. This scheme offers funds to take part in events like exhibitions or fairs for selling the products that have been worked on by PwDs. This can be a source of earning and engagement for them. Moreover, they even provide incentives to ROs for better sales turnover.

This again doesn’t directly aid cerebral palsy treatment. But the patients might feel happier finding a purpose in life that would increase their will to live. In addition, the funds acquired after selling their products can be used for their betterment and even for treating them. The rule mentions that at least 51% of employees working under this scheme should be PwDs recognised by National Trust Act, thus it immensely prioritises such victims.

3. Niramaya: Health Insurance Scheme

Niramaya is a health insurance scheme that has been brought to us by the Indian Government to provide affordable and trusted health insurance policies to PwDs in the country. These insurance schemes can be beneficial for cerebral palsy treatment in India as they can avail of the policy claims when they need them. This would at least restrict the delay of treatment due to the non-availability of funds.

The scheme description mentions that the premium charged for the insurance policies under it should be the same across the age band. Moreover, it is bound to cover the same amount of risks without considering the nature of the disability. Therefore, victims of cerebral palsy are indeed entitled to it. In addition, cerebral palsy treatment in India can be acquired from any hospital in the country. However, it does not cover pre-insurance medical tests.

4. Gharaunda: Group Home For Adults


It is possible for disabled people to not have homes. This is what this scheme deters them from suffering. Under this scheme, PwDs have an assured house to stay in and are offered the minimum quality of care services that extend to the entire life of that person. The living standards in these homes are socially acceptable and fit for PwDs.

Ones who are finding a cure of cerebral palsy can’t achieve their goal if they don’t have a place to stay, this is how it indirectly helps cerebral palsy treatment as well. These Gharaunda centres have a batch size of 20 people and even engage them in vocational activities and provide further aid in training. This way the restricted movements for cerebral palsy patients would be a lot better after getting assistance.


There was another scheme that would cater to cerebral palsy patients. It was named Gyan Prabha: Educational Support which would aid people suffering from such disabilities to gain knowledge and optimum level of education. However, it was discontinued on January 24, 2018.

Wrapping It Up!

Cerebral Palsy is one of the very serious brain disorders that exist today. Therefore, a speedy cerebral palsy treatment is required. However, it is uncertain if the procedure would work properly or not. Also, people might have a shortage of funds. Moreover, some people might not even have somebody to look after them. These situations are where the Indian Government schemes talked about in the article step in and aid patients all over the country in some or another manner. So, do refer this article to ones you know and to those who need it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is a possible cure of cerebral palsy?

There is no complete cure of cerebral palsy. But there are cerebral palsy treatment options that would aid patients to enhance their day-to-day functioning and activities.

2. Is there a cerebral palsy new treatment?

The ones looking for cerebral palsy new treatment can refer to Stem Cell Therapy which is the new age saviour for patients suffering from this disorder.

3. What is the best treatment for cerebral palsy in India?

The best treatment for cerebral palsy in India is the Stem Cell therapy conducted at NeuroGen BSI where about 92.6% of patients are reported to have shown considerable positive improvements.
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