Authentic Indian Dishes That You Should Try Atleast Once

Authentic Indian Dishes That You Should Try Atleast Once

Finding authentic Indian dishes is really difficult as there are 31 cuisines in India. Along with that, these dishes have undergone several cultural influences. But Indian cuisines are among the most popular cuisines around the globe. Even though the drinks and foods differ from region to region, the one thing that you can be assured of is they will be high on flavor regardless of the fact from which region they come. In this article, we will have a look at the traditional foods of the Indian states.

Top Authentic Indian Dishes You Should Try

Indian dishes are fairly famous with a variation of takeout options regardless of where you reside around the world. But it needs to be stated with despair that many of these Indian foods have either been modified or watered down to comply with the local taste buds. 

As a result, it is intriguing to have a look at the real authentic drinks and dishes that are famous within India. You might also find some similarities with Bangladeshi food because of their shared region of Bengal and history. The most common love that both Indians and Bangladeshis share is the love for rice and curry. So let us quickly begin with the list of some of the most authentic Indian dishes. 


Biriyani is synonymous with India. It may almost sound like a cliché, but the true fact is that Biriyani is among the most famous dishes in India. You will get Biryani in almost all states in India with their special twist added to it. In 2019, Biriyani was voted to be the most ordered food in the nation. It was calculated that approximately 95 biryanis were ordered every minute in India. 

This flavorful rice has quite a punch, even though the exact mix of spice can differ from one state or region to another. In general, South Indian biryani tends to be spicier than the rest of the country, and Biryani from Bengal tends to have a potato which is tastier than the rice or the meat.

Tandoori Chicken

This list of authentic Indian dishes would fall short if we miss out on tandoori chicken. This food has a great deal to provide in terms of flavor. This is somewhat because of the way it is prepared in a clay oven that is called a tandoor oven in India. This process of cooking results in smoky and succulent meat. Of course, the marinade plays a crucial role in its taste as well. 

The marinade is made up of tandoori masala, yogurt, nutmeg, and cumin. Once marinated with these spices, the chicken is first skewered and is then placed in the oven until it is done.

Masala Chai

Even though tea was brought in India and around the globe by the Japanese, no other nation adopted this drink as much as Indians did. It is calculated that nearly 837,000 tonnes of tea are consumed in India per year. More frequent than not, Indian drinks the spiced versions of this are called the masala chai. The real spice that is used in the tea can differ from one vendor to another. For the most part, though, spices like cardamom and ginger are added. 

It is especially common to purchase tea from the chai walas who are the street vendors mainly when traveling to and from work. The mixed Camellia sinensis fannings are a relatively latest addition to the drink. Before the British colonized this country, it was just spices mixed together for health reasons.

Masala Dosa

This dish comes from Southern India but is a fan favorite in the whole country. Dosa refers to a thin pancake-like flatbread that is prepared from black gram beans and fermented soaked rice.

The ‘masala’ here refers to the stuffing which is put inside the pancake. This largely comprises potatoes that are cooked with onions and mustard seeds. If you are looking for traditional Indian recipes easy, then you can go for this.

Dal Makhani

Despite getting its beginning in Punjab, this dish rapidly became famous all over the country, mainly among the vegetarians. And, when you contemplate its ingredients, it is easy to see why.

The main ingredients of this dish are whole black lentils and red kidney beans. They are cooked in a tomato-based sauce that is seasoned with ginger, ghee, garlic, and chili. The final product of this authentic Indian dish is the butter, for which the dish is termed. Sometimes, however, ghee is also sprinkled on top instead of butter.

Gulab Jamun

Indian food is not just all about spices in fact there are plenty of sweet treats to relish. The one that tops the list of authentic Indian dishes is gulab jamun. When translated literally, this dessert is referred to as rosewater plum.

This implies the real taste of rose water in the syrup that the gulab jamun is soaked in and the idea that the sweet is the size of a plum.

Butter Chicken

Butter chicken is not just a favorite in this country but it is beloved all over the globe. However, as far as authentic dishes are concerned, this is a fairly modern creation. Butter chicken was only discovered in the 1950s. This is the most popular Indian food in the world. 

The dish was designed on the spur of the moment for a truckload of refugees. However, the mixture of tomato and cream sauce that is infused with spices and attached with tandoori chicken was a hit and soon received national fame.

Palak Paneer

The last on our authentic Indian food list is Palak Paneer. Paneer is a soft cheese which is also known as the cottage cheese that originated in India. Due to its versatile and delicious taste, paneer is cooked in various ways. Nevertheless, there is no denying that palak paneer is among the most requested choices. Here in India, the paneer is cooked in a thick paste of pureed spinach that is well-seasoned. If you are looking for authentic Indian recipes vegetarian, then this is ideal for you.


India is a country that is not only rich in culture but also rich in taste. Here, with diverse cultures comes diverse dishes that one cannot leave without tasting. There are nearly 31 cuisines in India only. And so with its long history, there are many authentic Indian dishes that are rich in taste. In this article, we have discussed some of those dishes that you should never miss if you want to experience the rich side of Indian foods.

Frequently Asked Question On Authentic Indian Dishes

1. What are the most authentic Indian dishes?

Among the list of top 20 Indian dishes, the most authentic are Biriyani, Tandoori Chicken, Palak Paneer, Masala Chai, Masala Dosa, Dal Makhani, and Gulab Jamun.

2. What is an authentic Indian food?

Finding authentic Indian dishes is really difficult as there are 31 cuisines in India. Along with that, these dishes have undergone several cultural influences. But Indian cuisines are among the most popular cuisines around the globe.

3. What is Japan's national dish?

The national dish of Japan is curry rice.

4. What is Australia's national dish?

The national dish of Australia is roast lamb.
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