Narappa Movie Review: Is It The Best Of Venkatesh Till Now?

Narappa Movie Review: Is It The Best Of Venkatesh Till Now?

Narappa is one of the greatest Telugu movies to have been released on the OTT platform. This film has many things that the audience will take with themselves. In this article, we will be talking about the Narappa movie review. Let us give you a glimpse, there is a heartbreaking moment in the film where Narappa the aching sobbing father played by Ventakesh says about his ruthlessly killed son,

“I’ve already forgotten his smell. Soon I’ll forget his face as well. I never took a picture of him in the belief that the camera shortens lives.”

Narappa is a remade movie. Remakes are always risky as they face some extra challenges to cater to. Remakes are generally done for a new set of audiences so in that case, you will have to consider the taste of those audiences keeping the essence of the story exact. But with Narappa in this was not the case. The audience base that they had for the actors was the same. Their Amazon Prime release did not differ from their target audience. Now you may wonder, which Narappa remake of which movie? Narappa is the remake of a Tamil based movie that was released in 2019 named Asuran. Narappa Telugu movie release date was scheduled on 14 May 2021, on the OTT platform of Amazon.

The Narappa Movie Review

So with remakes, the first question that arises is does Narappa succeed in both standing out on its own and retaining the real essence of the original film? The answer to the second part of the question is a yes but a no for the second part. The film is completely inclined towards Venkatesh and the renaming cast including Priyamani had very little contributions to make. For this reason, they failed to hold the interest of those who have already watched Asuran.

What Is The Story About?

The story is about Narappa who flees away with his wife played by Priyamani and his brother in law played by Basavaiah played by Rajeev Kanakala because his younger son kills the head, Panduswamy played by Aadukalam Naren, who is a powerful person from the upper cast community of their neighboring village because he murdered Narappa’s elder son played by Karthik Rathnam because he was protesting against the oppression and wanted to usurp his land. But while he was seeking refuge somewhere else that’s when he understood to live a safe and secure life he cannot run away, instead, he should face the oppressors.

Watch The Narappa Movie Trailer Below

The Narappa Movie Review: Why Should You Watch It?

In the Narappa movie review, we shall speak the truth. It is only the performance of the actors that will hold your eye if you have already watched Asuran. Venkatesh assembles all the experiences that he has gathered all these years to bring out this performance. His acting suppresses the National Award Winning act of Dhanush. Priyamani is excellent as his “tough as nails” wife and other casts just add more strength to the movie. Other than that this is an excellent watch for those who have not watched Asuran before. This film has everything, from intense drama to unnecessary brutality and a good portrayal of the urban caste system. 

The Narappa Movie Review: Why Should You Not Watch It?

Everything that has been mentioned before may seem visually appealing for those who have not watched Asuran. As mentioned before there are two things to consider primarily when watching a remake: are they successfully holding the essence of the original film? And are they standing out better than the original film? Narappa caters to the first parameter, but to the second it does not. If you have already watched Asuran, every scene will make you recall Asuran. They are so identical. There is no originality of this film as such, except the acting and performance.    

Narappa Movie Cast

The Narappa cast includes:

  • Venkatesh as Narappa
  • Priyamani as Sundaramma
  • Ammu Abhirami as Kannamma,
  • Nassar as Shavkar Shankaraiah
  • Rao Ramesh as Lawyer Varadarajulu
  • Rajeev Kanakala as Basavaiah
  • Brahmaji as Munappa
  • Karthik Rathnam as Munikanna
  • Rakhi as Sinabba


Director Srikanth Addala and Venkatesh’s Telugu remake, Narappa is a great watch if you haven’t watched the masterpiece of Dhanush that was directed by Vetrimaaran, Asuran. For those who have already watched Asuran, Narappa is just the same visuals with different casting. But the performance is worth watching for. The Narappa movie review IMDb rating is 8.2/10.

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