Broken But Beautiful 3 Trailer Swaying Away The Audiences’ Hearts

Broken But Beautiful 3 Trailer Swaying Away The Audiences’ Hearts

Broken But Beautiful is considered one of the leading web series in India. Audiences have been eagerly waiting for the release of the Broken But Beautiful 3. But now the wait is over. This web series stars actors Sidharth Shukla and Sonia Rathee in the lead role which is widely loved by the audiences.

Broken But Beautiful 3 Trailer

Broken But Beautiful 3 trailer is out and it has everything that its fans would expect. The first thing that comes to your mind by Sidharth Shukla is Agastya Rao. This actor is popularized as the “angry young man of the Hindi theater” to whom Sidharth replies with a smirk “Barood hoga toh aag toh lagegi hi.” He carries the persona of his Big Boss in this series.

Sharing the trailer in his Instagram feed, he wrote, “Sometimes, falling out of love can be more empowering than falling in love.”

But what eventually happens to Agastya when he falls in love with Rumi, played by Sonia Rathee? This can be termed as a story where heartbreak, love, lust, and longings unravel. Rumi plays the character of a script writer and she gets connected to a “no string attached relationship” where she soon falls in the cupid that navigates them in a ride that is filled with twists and turns.

Looking Back At The Last Two Series

Broken But Beautiful is a 2018 Hindi web series that is created by Ekta Kapoor. This series is a never ending journey of true individuals and both the sessions have attracted many hearts among the Indian audience.

Season 1

Broken But Beautiful is the story where the hearts of Veer and Sameera were left broken. 3 years ago in a road accident Veer lost his wife Alina but still finds it difficult to cope up with that. Veer begins to hallucinate Alina and even talks to her in his imagination. Ishanvi Alina’s sister and her husband Adil keep on motivating him to move on in his life and try to give him time. Due to unavoidable situations, Veer has to buy Karthik’s house who happens to be his cousin. In the meantime, Kartik broke up with who happened to be his girlfriend and moved on and started dating Ananya. Sameera could not forget Kartik and so she stalks him everywhere, as she is unable to move on. Since the house belonged to both Karthik and Sameera, Veer needed Sameera’s signatures on the sale papers. When she signs the papers, Veer promises Sameera to let her speak to Kartik one last time.

Soon later Veer and Sameera come up with a plan and pretend to be together to make Karthik jealous. The series then revolves around the evolving relationship between Veer and Sameera.

Season 2

In the next session Sameera meets Ahan and Veer meets Debbie. Both Sameera and Veer decide to get married to Ahan and Debbie respectively. Then the show moves around to the idea where Veer and Sameera realize their love for each other.

Cast (Main)

  • Vikrant Massey – Veer Shekhawat
  • Harleen Sethi – Sameera Joshi
  • Sidharth Shukla – Agastya Rao
  • Sonia Rathee – Rumi Desai

Cast (Recurring)

  • Sheetal Thakur – Alina
  • Poppy Jabbal – Ishanvi
  • Nikhil Sabhrawal – Adil
  • Pooja Bhamrah – Porno
  • Akriti Singh – Agni
  • Meherzan Mazda – Parth
  • Jitin Gulati – Kartik
  • Simran Kaur Mundi – Ananya
  • Gaurav Arora – Ahan Chaterji
  • Anuja Joshi – Debbie


Broken But Beautiful 3 trailer is just a small glimpse of the love hate relationship that the series is going to bring. Just before the ending of the trailer, the audience is introduced to Vikrant Massey and Harleen Sethi who were the lead cast in the previous sessions of Broken But Beautiful. It is expected that they will also be seen in a cameo in the production venture of Ekta Kapoor. The trailers keep the audiences intrigued with numerous questions arising in their mind. 

Earlier Siddharth while introducing his character wrote, Agastya cannot help “but fall in love with someone who comes from a world he doesn’t approve of.”

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