What Are The Innovative & Must Read Top 10 Business Magazines?

What Are The Innovative & Must Read Top 10 Business Magazines?

If you have your own business or manage other’s business then it is important for you to be sound about the happenings with the latest information. Managing a business requires knowledge and skill. The skill depends on you but the knowledge is something that you will need to acquire from business magazines. Here is a list of the top 10 business magazines to keep you completely updated with recent information.

Having a new set of ideas and news related to the industry delivered at your doorstep on a regular basis is an amazing way to stay updated.

Things To Consider

When you are considering the best business magazines for entrepreneurs and others there aren’t many great quality options that you can choose from. You will have to make a choice on what type of content you require daily. Here are the niches that will help you to choose your magazine type. 

  • Money And Finance: Articles related to money and finance will provide you with information that you will require to move ahead on your financial goals. You will get reminders to update your budget and do the taxes too. Magazines that provide strong light on finance will carry special discounts and offers from lenders. 
  • Success Stories: Magazines dealing with success stories provide you with a light of hope in your difficult times. Magazines that deal with these types of articles are great for tough industries and startups. You will return excited and refreshed for your upcoming challenges. 
  • New Technology: New technology magazines focus on the news related to the advances in technology. Being at the forefront of these technological advances can provide you an extra mileage over your competition in the market. You will be able to effectively plan for the changes in the industry long before they actually happen. 

Top 10 Business Magazines For 2021

The best business minds also agree that staying on top of the news is important and they also know that the monthly and the weekly business magazines often give the best products for doing so. While the internet is here remain and so the glossy magazines. Here is a list of the top 10 business magazines in India and abroad that is known to yield the best products globally.

1. Inc.

Unlike other magazines that are genre based, Inc. appeals to every business person. The director does not target their content towards any specific niche of business, their subjects are diverse. This magazine isn’t filled with advertisements either. It comes neutrally with its contents. None of them impel a business or product onto you claiming it to be your best solution. They provide ideas that you can take and use it for your business and against your competitors. The language used is easy and practical. There is not a huge use of difficult or technical words used.

2. Popular Mechanics

This is not technically a business magazine, this is a highly appreciated and loved magazine by business owners around the globe. This magazine is packed with so much detail on every issue that it can soon make you addicted to it. Some refer to this magazine as “Jack of all trade” and this magazine complies with that as well. 

There is a great selection of very interesting articles that features new innovations, technologies, and inventions. Everybody loves their content diversification. This magazine does not delve deep into each topic but will provide you enough information for you to understand the subject. 

3. Harvard Business Review

If you ask any business mind to name a magazine that has got to do with the business you will receive a recurring response for Harvard Business Review. It is among the top 10 business magazines because it has some of the best content. They cover issues that are directly referred to by people who manage businesses. There are featured articles from various business consultants all over the globe. These articles provide unique dimensions on the prevailing business issues. This enables you to put together the plans and convert them into actions.

4. Forbes

Forbes is the most renowned American Business Magazine. It is read by all manors of professionals for news catering to all genres, but specifically finance and business. Other than business, this magazine is known for celebrating all aspects of human life. Their annual “Forbes Billionaire List” is always a hot topic around the globe, the “World’s 100 Most Powerful Women List” celebrates feminism, their guide for investments helps many investors to make better decisions, and many more

5. Wired

This is a monthly magazine that focuses on the idea of the ways in which technology is altering the world around us – the business world, our personal lives, society at large, and even our politics. If you wish to remain updated on the current developments in technology then you are bound to love this publication.

6. Fortune

If you are an investor or wish to be one then don’t move your eye from this magazine. If you read one annual list for investment then that should be Fortune Investor’s Guide” Fortune provides a balance of useful and in-depth information on investment while providing that in a structure that is understandable to the people who are not investment professionals. 

7. The Economist

This weekly magazine is packed densely and has long and short taken on the news revolving around businesses. Unlike the other magazines in the list of top 10 business magazines,  The Economist offers a global dimension in their contents. Apart from finance and business news, it also provides an insight into the technology and science world.

8. Entrepreneur

This magazine deals mainly with small businesses and startups. It provides its readers with valuable information and advice on how to start up their businesses, managing them at all levels, and other important aspects that will enable the reader to run their business successfully.

9. Bloomberg Businessweek

Bloomberg Businessweek follows every news and keeps you up to date, especially news that is dealing with business. Along with that it also provides stock advice, financial news, and also in depth coverage on big business and business events.

10. Business Today

Business Today magazine is a great magazine to read if you wish to be in touch with the business world. This provides excellent coverage on all topics and the articles are very well written in simple and lucid language. It is one of the best business magazines online as well.


Business magazines are important as the articles they offer to provide us with a unique dimension on issues that affect your business and company. Along with that they also provide success stories that encourage you to attain your business goals actively. So it is important that you choose a business magazine from the list of top 10 business magazines that have been mentioned above and start your business journey differently.

Frequently Asked Questions On Top 10 Business Magazines

What are the best business publications?

The best publications for businesses include Inc., Popular Mechanic, Harvard Business Review, Forbes, and many more.

Where can I read business magazines?

You can buy business magazines that come on a subscription basis. Some magazines are monthly while some are weekly. Here you can read the magazines: Capital Market Magazine, Fortune India Magazine, Business Today Magazine, Forbes India Magazine, and Business India Magazine.

What magazines do entrepreneurs read?

Magazines that are read by entrepreneurs are The Economists, Forbes, Wired, Inc., Fortune, etc.
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