Sapphire Foods Raises Funds In Hefty Amount From Its Investors

Sapphire Foods Raises Funds In Hefty Amount From Its Investors

Sapphire Foods raises funds in an investment round. The Sapphire Food Mauritius Limited which is promoted by Samara Capital Management Limited has gained a strategic round of investment in the food service and the flagship restaurant company Sapphire Food India Limited from a conference of private equity funds that have been led by Creador, TR Capital, and NewQuest Capital Partners. These companies are among the Sapphire Foods competitors. But still Sapphire Foods leads the restaurant chain business in India and Indian sub continent. 

Along with that from the Creador, it has also raised a direct round of growth. The new investors have successfully invested more than Rs 1,105 crores in a combination of primary and secondary rounds. 

In this investment round, the exclusive financial advisor of Sapphire Foods was Avendus Capital and the exclusive placement agent was acted by UBS Investment Bank. They also acted as the financial advisors to Samara Capitals. 

Great investors like Goldman Sachs, Samara Capital Group, Edelweiss, and CX Partners have been attracted as Sapphire Foods raises funds. It is an omnichannel operator of restaurants and YUM Brand’s largest franchise in the Indian subcontinent in terms of Sapphire Foods revenue in the 2020 financial year, functioning 437 outlets of KFC, Taco Bell, and Pizza Hut in India, Maldives, and Sri Lanka as on 31.03.2021. The KFC listed company is not only active in India, it is active in 11 other countries as well.  According to the founder of Samara India Advisors Private Limited, 

“We believe that the business has a strong foundation and is on an inflection point for growth. This investment round is to fund our new store expansion and provide a partial exit for a few investors."

Sapphire Foods is led forward by Sanjay Purohit, a Group CEO, and a professional management team, with great corporate governance policies, and the company values are clearly defined that allows them to guide organization culture and behavior. He said,

"The money will be used to fund the new store expansion as we feel the business has a strong foundation and is on an inflection point, apart from providing a partial exit for a few investors.”

The global brands were largely represented by the QSR chain segment, which is the fastest evolving segment within the organized Indian food services market.

According to the managing Director of Creador, Kabir Thakur,

"Sapphire Foods, by leveraging customer loyalty to the KFC, Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell brands is well-positioned to capture further opportunities in the territories in which it operates and expand into other product lines or markets."


Sapphire Foods is an omni channel operator of restaurants. Recently Sapphire Foods raises funds into the investment’s strategic rounds. Till 31.05.2020 the revenue of sapphire Food was 500 crore.

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