5 Printing Startup Ideas That Have A Good Scope Now

5 Printing Startup Ideas That Have A Good Scope Now

Over the last few years, the printing sector has been more famous than ever and has been traveling through a serious boom period. In fact, the sector is said to evolve to a global value of £4.5 billion by 2023. Having said that, due to the advancement and popularity in technology, it has never been more convenient to set up a printing business and a lot of people are choosing this option. So in this article, we will have a look at some of the printing startup ideas that you can avail yourself of in your startup. And if you are wondering how to start a printing business from home, then this article is ideal for you. 

Customized printing has become quite popular across the globe. So there is a huge market that you can take advantage of. Not only this, with the help of online printing software and other help, you have the chance to develop your business quickly. So without any further delay, let us begin with the various printing startup ideas that you can implement if you aim to start your printing business.

Printing Startup Ideas With Great Profit Margins

With the rising competition within the sector, you might be left wondering where your window of chance for your items could be. But digital textile printing still creates less than 5 percent of the global sector, keeping behind a great market share that you can surely target. So here are the most important printing startup ideas that you can consider.

1. T-Shirt Printing

From business uniforms to stag and hen parties, the opportunity for t-shirt printing is so broad. And it does not stop there. Everybody wishes to put their spin on things, mainly their fashion sense. So, wearing a custom t-shirt is the ideal way to do so. Even if it is not their design, people love designs that are different and not mass-produced, so it is a top choice. 

Your design is required to be perfect. If you can boast a powerful design, then you are already halfway there to making your printing business a great success. Think about it, you would not wear a t-shirt with an ugly, poorly made design on the front, would you? So, you cannot expect your customers to do that either. So if you are wondering how to succeed in the printing business, then this is the way. 

It has never been more convenient to print your own t-shirts either. There are ample businesses out there that can provide simple online design software at super competitive ranges. Then, all you require is the ideal commercial embroidery machine that will guarantee top-quality outputs.

2. Mug Printing

Everybody has that cupboard in their office or house that is filled with mugs. This is living proof that mugs are always famous with people. Whether you have bought them or have received them as gifts, mugs will always be an important item in the homes of the people. You are not going to drink your coffee out of a pint glass. Are you?

This is why printing a mug is an easy option when you are looking for printing startup ideas. There is always a demand for them. Along with that, there is a little investment that is needed to get your business off the ground. All that you will need is a plain mug, the printing equipment, and the tools to design. And then they are free to put your stamps on that. 

Like T-shirts, mugs are also a great way to express feelings and allow your personality to shine through. In modern times, we have seen an increase of mugs along with inspirational quotes on or copied photos of loved ones, which can be great presents.

3. Business Cards

This is another paper printing business ideas. Businesses are continuously spreading the word about their items and services. And business cards are the ideal way for them to include all of their essential contact details. 

They are also a longstanding way that businesses use to develop their brand image. Every company will want to give off the best vision of their company, so a well-crafted business card will make it look like they are professional and well-established.  

A poorly designed business card can have the companies being remembered for all the wrong jobs. If you cannot get your business card right, the probabilities are that it will look like you are not capable of carrying out a larger job correctly either. 

The whole idea of having a business card is that people can conveniently read and access your contact details. If it is designed poorly and not easy to read, it will likely be completely ignored and maybe even thrown away. Businesses are always in demand for well-crafted business cards, so there is definitely a market there for your printing startup ideas to have a look at.

4. Greeting Cards

There are many situations where greeting cards are received and sent. Whether it is a birthday or simply to convey thank you for something, there is always a greeting card that is ideal for the occasion. They are very sentimental. People often keep these greeting cards as mementos and they usually have a touching message inside. So, keeping that in mind, you would not want to receive or send a cheap, poorly designed one. 

With a constant requirement for greeting cards, there is an opportunity there for your printing business to explore. They are personal, so if they can be customized with the designs and messaging of the customers, the chances are that they will be highly popular too.

5. Labels And Stickers

Stickers and labels are apparent in the majority of items that are made globally. They are so crucial, so there is always a strong demand for them from around the globe. It is a market that you can take advantage of and one that does not need too much investment either.

After all, items are incomplete without the inclusion of stickers or labels. Along with that, they are invaluable to the promotion of a brand, so all businesses will be willing to spend on them. Which is a great thing to be in for your printing business.

A well-crafted sticker can have the customers instantly relate to your business, just from the colors below. So, businesses will no doubt outsource the help to make sure that they are spot on and done by a professional.


With the evolution of the online printing system, it has become convenient for businesses to begin and set up a printing business in the virtual marketplace. Customized printing is in huge demand throughout the globe. Thus, these printing startup ideas can be an ultimate source of income for those who are aiming to begin a printing business.

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