Make Your Investing Job Easy With These Best Investment Apps

Make Your Investing Job Easy With These Best Investment Apps

Are you searching for the best investing applications to get back your financial life on track? A great finance app can manage routine financial operations, shuffle your money into investment accounts, and can also track your spendings. Along with that, these investment apps can also allow you to quickly trade stocks, real time accounts, and also educate you about the market, and many more. Because they serve so many purposes. Investment apps have become so popular in recent times.

Top Investment Apps Ideal For 2021 And Beyond

Here is a list of some of the popular apps for getting all your finances invested and organized at the same time. All of these are the best investing apps for beginners, and they make it convenient for those who are just beginning to invest or are looking to try the stock market for fun. Here are some of the best investment apps 2021 and beyond. 


This is the best investing app. Invstr is the result you get when you combine real-life investing, learning, and community into an application that is created to offer beginning investors a way to enter into stocks, mainly if you prefer games. The app mixes a fantasy stock game, where the user can assist in managing a $200 billion digital portfolio, with access to the thoughts of the investors on stocks and other investments. This is also the best investment apps for students. 

The fantasy game offers you $1 million in digital money, and you can use the social network of the application and news feed to source concepts. The top performers of the month win real cash, as well. And if the user wishes to turn some of those fantasy games into real-life stakes, they can purchase fractional shares and whole shares commission-free in the application. This app will even offer new users $5 when they open and fund their accounts. Invstr has also begun offering commission-free trading in digital currencies.


Wealthbase is a fresher entrant into the arena of stock market games, and it can be among the most user-friendly investment apps out there for picking stocks and having fun. The user can set up games with their friends to last however long they wish. It can be a few weeks, days, or even one day.

Two things set this app apart in the stock simulator space: first, the app integrates social media with stock picking. The user will see a feed of stocks their friends are picking, along with daily updates of who is winning, and they can engage in a little friendly “trash talk.” Next, the app operates very smoothly. There are no delays to load, no hiccups within the app. Even if the users are not huge stock-pickers, they will have fun here. And they can trade digital currencies in the simulation as well. If you are looking for the best android investment apps, then you can choose this. 


Wealthfront is among the biggest independent robo-advisors, and for a small change, it can handle your money, whether that is in a taxable account or in an IRA. Wealthfront avails low-cost ETFs to build your portfolio and considers how much risk you wish to take along with when you will require the money. As you deposit the money, this app will add the amount to your portfolio and keep your full account balanced and on target toward your aim. Again if you aim at learning, then this is the best investing app for beginners. 

The management fee of this app operates 0.25% every year, which is the market standard. It is an exceedingly reasonable value for the features on offer, which includes automated tax-loss harvesting, which efficiently covers the yearly fee for many users, asserts the company. This company also brings a lucrative cash management account, and you will get a competitive rate of interest, quick access to direct-deposited paychecks, and also a debit card – everything without a monthly fee.


Acorns is among the oldest of the latest breed of financial apps, but it stays one of the most famous, because of how convenient it is to use. You really do not have to pay much concentration once you are done with setting up the app. Link a credit or debit card to your account, and Acorns will estimate the total on buy to the next dollar and invest that difference amount into one of a few ETF portfolios.

The cost is a small $1 per month for Acorns Lite, even though the company provides other characteristics. If you wish to take a step up, you can shift to Acorns Personal, which is combined with Lite, for $3 every month. This tier provides an IRA (individual retirement account), and you will be able to open one of three categories: the Roth, traditional, or a SEP. You can even roll over a prevailing 401(k) or IRA.

Acorns select your portfolio that is based on the targeted time until you are retired, becoming more conventional as you near that age, a span that may not be ideal for all investors. This tier provides an FDIC-protected account for checking, too, with no added fees and fee-free access to ample ATMs.

The Bottom Line

There are some investment apps that provide special features or aim more on educating their users while others focus more on executing the trades. For instance, Wealthbase is a good application for playing games about the stock market, but it will not execute trades for you. So while choosing the app, you first need to evaluate what is your purpose for using the app and then you can start using the app. 

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