How To Grow Mango Trees At Home And Establish Your Startup?

How To Grow Mango Trees At Home And Establish Your Startup?

Wondering how to grow mango trees indoors? Surely there is a way. You may not get the fruit from the plant, but it can be an attractive house plant. And this adds as an earning opportunity for many gardening enthusiasts. 

This pandemic has shaken the economy of many nations and many have lost their work. So people are looking for earning opportunities. One such opportunity can be organic farming. Everybody loves plants and what can be better if the plant is already grown. Gardening enthusiasts can begin their startup and convert their gardening skills into business. So here we will discuss how to grow one of the most demanded plants especially in the South Asian region, and that is a mango plant for indoor use. 

Why Is It A Good Business Opportunity To Grow Mango Trees?

After extracting the pulp from the mango we throw the seed not knowing that the seed can be used to grow a mango plant that will enrich the décor of our house. 

Mangos are native fruits of Southern Asia and were distributed by monks and explorers to other subtropical regions around the globe. Mango gets its value for its fragrance and sweet flavor. They are tried in various styles and dishes throughout the world. If we take into account Indian Cuisine, in particular, mango is consumed as a post meal mouth freshener. In Fact, mango in powdered form is great for people who have high blood pressure. 

In the tropics, the average height of a mango plant is from 30 to 100 feet. This is a bit large for people planning to grow mango trees at home. So there is an alternative to this, and that is growing a mango plant. Even though it won’t bear you any fruit, the green, glossy, long, and fresh leaves will give it a separate look itself.

Steps To Grow Mango Trees At Home

So to grow a plant that is world famous there are few steps that need to be kept in mind. There are few techniques that you need to master to germinate the mango seed in the right way. So here are the 8 steps which will help you in planting a mango tree at home.

Step 1:

The first step involves choosing the right mango. When you go to the market to buy mangos, ensure you buy a ripe mango. Seeds of ripe mango germinate faster than the unripe ones. A mango plant grown from seed may not look the same as the parent plant and may not produce identical fruits. You can also buy a nursery propagated seedling if you wish to.

Step 2:

After you have done enjoying the fruit, scrape out the remaining flesh from the mango. Then open the outer shell with a chisel and cautiously remove the inner seed.

Step 3:

After you are done with removing the inner seeds, insert 2 toothpicks one on each side of the seed. Then place the mango seed in a pint size jar half filled with water. Keep the toothpicks rested on the jar so that the upper portion remains dry.

Step 4:

Wait and watch the seed germinate for two weeks. Keep on refilling the jar with water when the water level falls below the seed.

Step 5:

After two weeks once the seed starts to sprout by producing small white roots remove it from the jar. And plant it on a pot that is 10-gallon in size and has good drainage. Fill the pot with a potting mix that has compost in it and then place the seed 2 inch below the potting surface and ensure that the rooting portion is facing downwards. And then placing the pot in a warm and sunny location of your house and sunlight is very important.    

Step 6:

Water the soil regularly to keep it moist. And also keep the green leaves clean and increase the humidity.

Step 7:

During the summer provide sufficient water and fertilizers to your plant but avoid much water and fertilizers during the winter.

Step 8:

Trim the leaves occasionally to make it look good and compact. And as mentioned before try to keep it as clean as possible. That will make your plant look fresher.

Caring Your Mango Plant

Taking care of your mango plant is similar to taking care of any of your fruit bearing plants. Water the plants deeply to ensure long taproots. But watering again makes sure that the surface is dry several inches. Before flowering begins, hold back irrigation for at least two months. 

Try to fertilize your tree with nitrogen fertilizers at least thrice a year. Taking care of your mango tree also includes keeping an eye on pests and diseases. These are natural so you have to deal with them smartly. 

You can share this knowledge with your customers as well. This will satisfy your customers more and they will want to buy from you again.

How To Promote Your Organic Farming Business?

Now that you have known the steps in which you can grow mango trees at home you will need to know how to sell that. In this pandemic you cannot open a physical store, it will be appropriate for you to serve your product online. Here are the few ways with which you can do so.

  • Google Business Listing: Google  provides a great platform for online businesses. Here you can register your business under a local business listing where people near you can find you and avail your products. 
  • Creating A Website: With a website you can reach a lot of people who are interested to buy your product. You list your products online with their prices and they can shop directly from your website. 
  • Social Media: Social media is the new trend now. More than 2 billion people across the globe use social media. So listing your product in various social media and informing the audience about your social presence will boost your business.


Growing mango from seeds is unpredictable just like growing avocado from seeds but is an interesting adventure. To obtain the best result always choose a large pot to grow mango trees as that will allow the soil to remain moist.

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