FaaS Startups: How These Companies Are Making Farming Easy?

FaaS Startups: How These Companies Are Making Farming Easy?

Farmers are the backbone of any nation and in India, with more than 70% of the household still relying on farming this idea is thought to be more true. However, in the past few decades, farmers have become the forgotten workers of this country. In this era of numerous startups, we decided to talk about the top FaaS startups in India and abroad that are doing a fantastic job. 

Thanks to this era of startup for which farmers have again started to come in the forefront in huge portions because of agritech entities. Adopting this Farming-as-a-service (FaaS) structure, various agritech startups are presently striving to bring about advances that are related to farming to help it to become a profit yielding and farming related enterprise. 

These agritech startups offer a wide range of services to the farmers which range from offering farming equipment at reasonable prices to maintain the protection of crops. In this article, we will have a look at the top 5 FaaS startups in India and across the globe. 

Top 5 FaaS Startups We should Know About

Not only the Farming-as-a–service companies are aiding the farming community to gain more profits, they are also making a good amount of profits for themselves. Perhaps this is the reason why even huge tech giants like IBM are betting big on this sector. 

This is because of the increased interest from the investors who are looking to inculcate million in businesses. One of the basic ways by which these FaaS startups differ from one another is by providing solutions that are technology driven to the present issues of farming. 

Oxen Farm Solutions

Oxen Farm Solutions that was founded in 2012  focuses to boost the agricultural productivity of India by guaranteeing farming equipment is made feasible and accessible. As per the Founder Vishwajeet Sinha, the entity brings all the parties involved who are the farming equipment manufacturers, the farmers, and the government policies on onto one platform.

According to Vishwajeet, automation is the solution to labor problems. This is a problem every farmer across India faces. However, this issue can be a pricey affair for farmers, since most use the farming machinery only for a few weeks every year. To address this problem, he formed Oxen, which aims to help farmers rent out equipment at reasonable prices.

This farm management company India offers equipment for varied services, that includes land preparations, crop management, harvesting, and many more. The founder asserts that Oxen decreases farmers’ labor costs by 50%. The firm also avails high-tech mechanisms, like IoT, to evaluate machine performances. Oxen also employ satellite images to understand the health of the crops and also the harvesting status.

Agro Apps

The agriculture industry is undergoing frequent alterations with advancements in customized farm solutions and wireless technologies. ICT, which incorporates technologies such as GPS (global positioning systems) and smart sensors, offers chances for the execution of e-agriculture. Startups are operating on various farming-as-a-service solutions that execute ICT in farms.

Greek startup Agroapps offers a suite of services to support the farmers, enhance and manage their businesses. The startup offers advisory services to help farmers in scheduling the most ideal agricultural cycle. This FaaS startup also provides various weather and climate forecasting services, that include high-resolution short-range weather forecasts and seasonal climate forecasts. The startup along with this provides supply chain tools like Turn2bio and my local farm to help farmers connect with each other and also sell their produce online.


The steady increase in AgriTech solutions is an outcome of developments in the IoT (Internet of Things), in combination with AI (artificial intelligence) and also machine learning algorithms. Radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags for soil condition monitoring, livestock,  and agricultural cycle automation are a few developing IoT-based solutions assisting farmers raising productivity, along with profits.

French AgriTech startup Ekylibre mixes several farming solutions to allow farmers to enhance farm management. The eponymous platform of the startup offers farmers with functional information to increase productivity from livestock and crops. Ekylibre also provides inventory management, sales, accounting, and purchases, along with cartography and farm mapping services.


This is a farmer engagement farm startup, which embraces farm-to-fork, farm-to-mill, and farm-to-warehouse models, and aims to link farmers to the market. This Farming-as a-Service startup India was founded by Balaji Balaram in 2015, and this has engaged more than 2.5 lakh farmers across India. Agribolo aspires to break through the present and established agricultural trend, which is mainly controlled by middlemen and moneylenders.

As per Balaji, to overcome the consistent crop failures and crippling debt of the farmers, a co-ownership and partnership model must be approved in the agricultural sector. Balaji in an interview said, 

“We plan to achieve it through creating the decentralized ecosystem and looking at the farmer as an opportunity instead of a customer or a consumer, as this will enable us to create a host of business opportunities to make the franchise model and the rural distribution model sustainable."


This FaaS startup business was launched in 2016 by Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd and aspires to rent farming apparatus to farmers at reasonable rates across the nation. The firm has a toll-free number, and also a mobile application that helps to connect farmers to the platform and place orders for farm products.

This Farming-as-a-Service Mahindra has already helped more than one lakh farmers and is situated in Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Rajasthan.

The Bottom Line

The framing sector was taken aback in the last two decades. Even though this sector is the backbone of any economy, it was ignored to a great extent. But now, in the era of startups, innovation is overflowing. There are many agri based startups that help the farmers in farming by offering services and products at a reasonable price. In this article, we have discussed the top 5 FaaS startups in India and across the globe that is working fabulously to cater to the farming sector. 

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