Direct Selling Company In India With A Good Market

Direct Selling Company In India With A Good Market

A direct selling company offers services and products to the customers directly rather than through regular retail stores. It mainly distributes its products to individuals through independent sales representatives. In this article, we will see the top direct selling company in India for 2021. So let us begin without any further delay.

Top 10 Direct Selling Company In India 2021

Direct selling is among the few businesses in which individuals may make a steady income while evolving their businesses. The demand for direct sales increased in 2020. The economic crisis that the COVID-19 caused was a great chance for the direct sellers who sold essential items. They earned a handsome amount during this time from direct to customer sales. 

The direct selling industry has offered goods and also services to numerous individuals all over the globe in the last year. It helped many people to earn a good amount of money during the shortage of jobs in the global market. Today we will be meeting these top direct selling company in India that have boosted their sales to a great extent in this country.

Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited

  • Industries – Marketing and Advertising
  • Company size – 10,001+ employees
  • Headquarters – Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh
  • Type – Public Company
  • Founded – 2013
  • Revenue – Over INR 500 cr (31 March 2020)

Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited was launched on March 14, 2013. It is an unlisted private entity. It is a private limited corporation that has its headquarters in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. It has a complete paid-up capital of 1.32 crore INR and an approved share capital of INR 2.00 crore.

Vittobha Suresh and Mohamed Omar Arshak Jawhar are the directors of this direct selling company. The business generates body-care, food, agro-care, health-care, nutritional-care, and also personal-care items.

Hindustan Unilever Ltd or HUL

  • CEO: Sanjiv Mehta
  • Customer service: 1800 102 2221
  • Founded: 17 October 1933
  • Parent organization: Unilever
  • Revenue – 40,415 crores INR

This is the second name among the direct selling company list in India. Hindustan Unilever Ltd is an FMCG entity that is located in Mumbai. Foods, drinks, personal care items, cleaning agents, and water purifiers are among the products and services that the company offers. Along with that, a strong network of distribution has been created by the firm which includes a fantastic program that is aimed at empowering rural women.

HUL was established in 1931 as Hindustan Vanaspati Manufacturing Co. and was later renamed Hindustan Lever Limited in 1956 after a fusion of constituent entities. In June 2007, the company was renamed Hindustan Unilever Limited.


  • Founder: Mark R. Hughes
  • Founded: February 1980
  • CEO: John O. Agwunobi
  • Global Revenue – 489 crores USD

Herbalife Nutrition is a multi-level marketing entity that designs and sells dietary supplements all across the globe. Mark Hughes began the firm in 1980, and it presently employs nearly 8,900 employees all over the world. Via a network of more than 4.5 million independent members and distributors, the firm operates in 94 nations.

Protein and Weight-loss shakes are among the nutrition products of Herbalife. Protein bars, teas, vitamins, aloe vera, and sports hydration, personal care, and energy items are among the other offerings of the company.


  • Industries – Consumer Goods
  • Company size – 501-1000 employees
  • Headquarters in India – Gurgaon, Haryana
  • Founded in India – 1998
  • Global Revenue – 840 crores USD

Amway is also a multi-level marketing business that is based in the United States and it distributes beauty, health, and home care products. Richard DeVos and Jay Van Andel began the company in 1959, and it is situated in Ada, Michigan. In 2019, this company and its Alticor-owned subsidiaries made $8.4 billion in sales. As per reports, Amway India is predicted to reach more than one billion dollars in revenue (Rs 6,000 crore) by the end of 2025, because of its recent launches and the enhancement of its sales network, which has e-commerce included.


  • Industries – Consumer Goods
  • Company size – 201-500 employees
  • Type – Privately Held
  • Founded – 1996

Modicare is a successful name in an industry that is controlled by giant entities and is among India’s largest direct selling companies. The entity functions  40 distribution facilities around the nation, providing items to over 2,700 locations.

Medicare was established in 1996 and was the first direct selling company in this country. Modicare is owned by Samir Modi, who is a New Delhi businessman who is also the creator of the Twenty-Four Seven convenience store network and Colorbar cosmetics line.

Keva Kaipo Industries Pvt. Ltd.

  • Industries – Health, Wellness and Fitness
  • Company size – 501-1000 employees

Keva Kaipo Industries Pvt. Ltd. offers its customers a chance to discover their potential and complete their ambitions of ‘Health & Better Living.’ They do so with the help of a Direct Selling business proposal and a varied selection of products.

To manufacture its products which will be available in all locations and at all times, the company has a national marketing and sales network in India, that consists of a vibrant sales force with highly motivated and highly educated marketing and sales staff and effective forwarding agents all over the country.


  • Industries – Retail
  • Company size – 1001-5000 employees
  • Headquarters – Bhilwara, Rajasthan
  • Founded – 2001
  • Revenue – $314.0 million

Fashion Suitings Pvt. Ltd. has established RCM Business. Ltd. It is a part of the renowned  Chhabra Group and has been working in the textile industry since 1977. RCM is a Multi-Level Marketing company that sells anything from stationery to FMCG to computers and electronics to footwear, apparel, and plasticware.

The major goal of this organization has always been to enhance the lives of the people by offering them the opportunity to achieve social empowerment, financial independence, suitable skill development, and a joyful life.


  • Industries – Health, Wellness and Fitness
  • Company size – 201-500 employees
  • Headquarters – Delhi
  • Founded – 2004
  • Global Revenue: Over INR 500 cr

Vestige Marketing Pvt. Ltd., which started its operations in 2004 and is presently a leading direct selling company specializing in global wellness goods, has developed to become a leading company in this industry. Vestige prevails to extend at a remarkable rank year after year. This company is the largest direct marketing company in India, that specializes in high-quality health and personal care products. Vestige has nearly 47 offices and more than 1500 collecting points throughout India.


  • Industries – Cosmetics
  • Headquarters – Faridabad, Haryana
  • Founded – 2019
  • Global Revenue – 130 crores EUR

Oriflame Holding AG is also the best direct selling company in India 2021. It is a multi-level marketing business specializing in selling personal care and beauty items. Robert af Jochnick and Jonas af Jochnick, along with Bengt Hellsten formed Oriflame in Sweden in 1967. The company employs nearly 6,000 people and holds a revenue of more than 130 crores euros. This direct selling company is a global beauty entity with more than 3 million Oriflame Brand Partners that sell its products in more than 60 nations.


  • Industries – Cosmetics
  • Company size – 10,001+ employees
  • Headquarters – London
  • Global Revenue – 470 crores USD

Avon Products, Inc., or simply Avon, is a global cosmetic, fragrance, skincare, and personal care firm that is based in London. In 2019, Avon created $5.57 billion in sales all over the world. They function in over  70 countries, that include India. Avon spent more than 20 years in India. Avon is an entity that sells skincare and beauty products. The company is owned by Angela Cretu.

The Bottom Line

A direct selling company is a company that sells its products directly to its customers and there is no system of retail. Here via individuals, the products are sold to the users. In India, this market has gained prominence in the past decade and so we have listed the top 10 direct selling companies in India that have generated a good amount of revenue and have been in the Indian market for a long time now. 

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