What Are The Best Music Business Careers For You?

What Are The Best Music Business Careers For You?

When you think of a music business career, you might begin with the performer who stands at the center of the stage. But the certainty is being pulled back you will find people with a huge list of jobs and careers in Music. You will have people who will promote and coordinate the music, the people in the recording studio doing the technical mixes, or the song writer or the composer having job roles in the music industry. There are ample business and job opportunities in music. There are more than 100 careers in the music business that include entry level music industry jobs. Let us have a look at the various music business careers that are presently available.

10 Most Relevant Music Business Careers

There are more careers in music than just being a performer. A whole team works behind that performer and her songs. There are an array of jobs for music lovers. In this section, we will discuss the major music industry jobs that pay well.

Music Producer

A music producer is someone who understands both the commercial and the creative aspects of music and develops a relationship with the record department and the musicians. To become a music producer, learn about the concept of foundational audio, understand good sound, music, and various aspects of music. As a music producer, you can expect your monthly earnings to be nearly $25,000 – $1,00,000+.

Recording Engineer

A recording or audio engineer has the responsibility to capture and manipulate the sounds in the mixing studio. They will have to deal with both digital and analog audio, microphones, compressor, and also the flow of signals. To become a recording engineer you will have to be well sound on the various technologies of recording and its techniques. As a recording engineer, you can expect your monthly earnings to be nearly $25,000 – $1,50,000+.

Session Musician

Being a session musician, you perform and back on the album of other musicians with different acts on the stage. This implies that you have the liberty to dabble in various styles, sounds, and genres. In this course, you will meet, form, and interact and have relationships with various other musicians. To be a session musician you have to be a connoisseur of your instrument and master of your craft. As a session musician, you can expect your earnings to be nearly $100 – $2,500+ per day.

Artist Manager

An artist manager is there to give others opportunities, propel, and connect the act of music forward in the music business. This is a great music business career. You will have to truly believe in the artist in you and help others to create a sustainable career through direction, organization, planning, and negotiating. To be an artist manager you will need to have good leadership and management skills. As an artist manager, you can expect your monthly earnings to be nearly $30,000 – $10,000,000 depending on the success.

Tour Manager

As a tour manager for any music business, you will be associated with the career of the brand on the road. You will handle every transportation, accommodations, and touring detail. You will also look after the touring finances. You will need to study and understand tour logistics and you should have the ability to handle big tours and travels. As a tour manager, you can expect your earnings to be nearly $2,500 – $10,000 per week.

Music Teacher

This is a very obvious music business career. As a music teacher, your responsibility is to groom your students and make them good singers. You will have to be their instructor. And you will have to teach them theory and practical both at the same time. To become a music teacher you will need a degree from any music school and should have the ability to train people apart from you knowing to sing well. As a music teacher, you can expect your earnings to be nearly $30 – $120 per hour.

Music Publicist

A music publicist world is in close contact with the media outlets, venues, and the marketers. They ensure that the announcements of the music concert, venue, and the concert itself are covered well by the media. They are more like Public Relations Officers that look after the promotion of their concert. To be a music publicist you should have a piece of good knowledge on marketing and communication and have a good range of sources in the media. As a music publicist, you can expect your monthly earnings to be nearly $500 – $10,000.

Music Composer

Music composers are not only restricted to the classical music genre, they can also compose music for TV, films, and shows. They can also arrange and write live or recorded music across various genres. To be a music composer you will need formal education and experience in music composing. Along with that, you will also have to be efficient in any one of the musical instruments. As a Music composer, you can expect your monthly earnings to be nearly $2,500 – $5,000,000.

Music Arranger

And finally in our list of music business careers comes music arranger. A music arranger is responsible for taking the pieces of music and arranging them to achieve the real goal. To be a music arranger you need to know the various techniques and technologies involved in the arrangement of music. The expected earning of a music arranger is around $20,000 to $43,000+ per month.

Music Critic

Music critics may not be directly linked with performance like the above careers but they have an in-depth knowledge about music and its compositions. They review a particular music piece with their knowledge. To become a music critic you should understand music and know about all genres of music. The expected earning of a music critic is around $10,000 to $2,71,000+ per month.


Music is a wide arena and there is no lack of career opportunities. You just need to find the perfect route that will lead you to your desired job. There are many alternative careers for musicians. The above list of music business careers will be a beginning guide to you.

Frequently Asked Questions On Music Business Careers

What can you do with a music business degree?

With a music business degree, you can become an artist manager/tour manager, booking agent/promoter/events manager, A&R, marketing executive/social media manager, distributor/merchandiser, publisher, and entrepreneur.

What is the highest-paying job in the music industry?

The jobs in the music industry that will pay you the highest include Film / TV music supervisor, Music Therapist, Music lawyer, Record label / Tech company professional, and Booking agent.

Is the music business a good major?

A degree in a music business program that provides good professors, great classes, and provides its students with good internship opportunities can be a good investment for your future if you wish to work in the music business.
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