Best Money Management Apps To Keep Your Expenditure Under Control

Best Money Management Apps To Keep Your Expenditure Under Control

India is the home to the largest population of young in the world. Nearly one in every 4 people is a millennial in India. Having grown up in a technologically engulfed generation, it is fair to assert that the new age millennials comprise complete digital narratives and they are well equipped with smartphones and apps to solve all their issues. One similar category is money management apps. 

Youths owning more than one bank account is not a disruptive phenomenon in the present day. Combining that with digital wallets and multiple cards, keeping a track of all the transactions becomes difficult. That’s when these money management apps come into play. Without further delay let us have a look at the various personal expense tracker apps that are available in the market. This list also includes the best money management apps in India 2021. 

List Of 10 Best Money Management Apps For 2021

Understanding and evaluating your flow of cash is a major part of successfully managing your finances. They keep a track of all your incomes and expenditures so that you do not get confused at the end of the month. The present market is saturated with such money management apps but not all are of equal value. So let us find the top 10 apps to manage your cash flow. 

Personal Capital

Personal Capital is among the best money management apps that are available currently in the market. It allows you to track your budget and also include information about your investment accounts. The interface is attractive and the visuals are easy to see on a laptop, desktop, tablet, or phone. This is also one of the best money management apps for Windows 10.


Empower assembles budgeting with gained savings. Empower connects to all your financial accounts and also tracks the activity to give you a better control of your flow of cash. You can set monthly and weekly spending limits for various categories of your life and this app will notify you on how you’re tracking. You can also save without any effort through their AutoSave option.


You Need a Budget (You Need a Budget) will cost you $6.99 every month, but the first month’s fee is raised, and the company asserted that if you are a new budgeter, you save $200 in your first month. Even if you don’t end up saving quite that much with the help of YNAB, the app can still be worth the monthly fee.


Acorns takes your spare change from your account and instead of saving it, it invests the difference. The app enables you to start investing with virtually zero effort. You just set it up and it is ready to use. You can also use Acorn to round up your transactions and can also set recurring withdrawals in your account.

Unifi Money

Unifi Money is available only on IOS and enables you to easily manage your wealth in one single app. This not only saves you time, but it also brings precision to saving, budgeting, spending, investing, and many more.

Unifi Money is more than just a money management app. It offers access to both credit cards and high yield checking accounts, alongside the tools for investment.

The Mint budgeting app has long been a renowned budgeting website and application, and not without purpose. Like Personal Capital, this money management app in India provides access to your investment accounts along with the budgeting tools. But for Mint, the portion of budgeting is the stronger offering, while the investing part feels a little like an alternative.

Pocket Guard

Are you looking for a money management app that will also actively allow you to find savings opportunities in your regular spending? PocketGuard is the thing for you. Sync up your accounts with PocketGuard and it will track and allow you to evaluate your spendings. You can then use that data to construct a better budget.


Dollarbird is a free app with premium add-ons. The idea of this app is to put your budget into a calendar format. You get an at-a-glance view of your upcoming expenses. They offer color code transactions sorted by category and easily enter recurring transactions, like your utility bill and paycheck. The app allows you to look at your projected balance, so you have an idea of how much money you can safely spend.


Wally is a stripped-down app for budgeting without a lot of whistles and bells. However, the unique features of this app are worth exploring. The best part about this app is that it supports nearly all foreign currencies. If you’re a digital nomad, who spends time outside the country, Wally is the perfect application for you.

Good Budget

Good budget is constructed on the idea of an envelope budget. Initially, you get 10 envelopes for free, but if you upgrade your plan to Plus, you get unlimited envelopes for just $6 per month. As with most envelope-based platforms, you have to stop spending when the envelope is empty or transfer money from a different envelope.


Technology is providing you the chance to evaluate your finances and improve the money management skill of yours. So all you have to do is find the right money management app for yourself and track all your cash flows.

Frequently Asked Questions On Money Management Apps

1. Which is the best money manager app?

The best money management app presently in the market is Personal Capital and Empower.

2. What apps help with money?

Apps like Mint, Good Budget, Wally will help you with money.

3. What is the best app for keeping track of expenses?

The Mint budgeting app has long been a renowned budgeting website and application, and not without purpose. It's available on iOS and Android.
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