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(Company Information as of 8/2/21)

Ticker: MCK

Country: U.S.

Headquarters: Irving, Texas

CEO: Brian S. Tyler


Employees: 67,500



McKesson is an American pharmaceutical distributor offering health information  technology, care management tools and medical supplies. Back in 2020, the company had earned revenues of $231.1 billion. The company was founded in 1828 as Charles M. Olcott and later as Olcott, McKesson & Co. by Charles Olcott and John McKesson in 1833. The business began as a wholesaler and importer of botanical drugs. One third of all the pharmaceuticals used in North America are delivered by the company. The healthcare giant offers extensive network infrastructure for the healthcare industry . It was also the early adopter of the modern technologies such as pharmacy robotics, barcode scanning for the distribution and RFID tags. The company stands as one of the names in the federal lawsuit as it allegedly profited from the opioid epidemic in the U.S.


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